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Joshua 15:1-63

15  And the lot+ of the tribe of the sons of Judah by their families came to be to the boundary of E′dom,+ the wilderness of Zin,+ to the Neg′eb+ at its southern end.  And their southern boundary came to be from the extremity of the Salt Sea,+ from the bay that faces southward.  And it went out southward to the ascent* of A·krab′bim+ and passed over to Zin+ and went up from the south to Ka′desh-bar′ne·a+ and passed over to Hez′ron and went up to Ad′dar and went around to Kar′ka.  And it passed on to Az′mon+ and went out to the torrent valley of Egypt;+ and the boundary’s termination proved to be at the sea. This came to be their* southern boundary.  And the eastern boundary was the Salt Sea up to the end* of the Jordan, and the boundary at the northern corner was at the bay of the sea, at the end of the Jordan.+  And the boundary went up to Beth-hog′lah+ and passed over at the north of Beth-ar′a·bah,+ and the boundary went up to the stone of Bo′han+ the son of Reu′ben.  And the boundary went up to De′bir at the low plain of A′chor+ and turning northward to Gil′gal,+ which is in front of the ascent of A·dum′mim, which is south of the torrent valley; and the boundary passed over to the waters of En-she′mesh,+ and its termination proved to be En-ro′gel.+  And the boundary went up to the valley of the son of Hin′nom+ to the slope of the Jeb′u·site+ at the south, that is to say, Jerusalem;+ and the boundary went up to the top of the mountain that faces the valley of Hin′nom* to the west, which is at the extremity of the low plain of Reph′a·im+ to the north.  And the boundary was marked out from the top of the mountain to the spring of the waters of Neph·to′ah,+ and went out to the cities of Mount E′phron; and the boundary was marked out to Ba′al·ah,+ that is to say, Kir′i·ath-je′a·rim.+ 10  And the boundary went around from Ba′al·ah westward to Mount Se′ir and passed over to the slope of Mount Je′a·rim at the north, that is to say, Ches′a·lon; and it went down to Beth-she′mesh+ and passed over to Tim′nah.+ 11  And the boundary went out to the slope of Ek′ron+ to the north, and the boundary was marked out to Shik′ke·ron and passed over to Mount Ba′al·ah and went out to Jab′ne·el; and the boundary’s termination proved to be at the sea. 12  And the western boundary was at the Great Sea+ and its shoreland. This was the boundary all around, of the sons of Judah by their families. 13  And to Ca′leb+ the son of Je·phun′neh he gave a share in the midst of the sons of Judah at the order of Jehovah to Joshua, namely, Kir′i·ath-ar′ba ([said Ar′ba being] the father of A′nak), that is to say, He′bron.+ 14  So Ca′leb drove away from there the three sons of A′nak,+ namely, She′shai+ and A·hi′man and Tal′mai,+ those born of A′nak.*+ 15  Then he went up from there to the inhabitants of De′bir.+ (Now the name of De′bir before that was Kir′i·ath-se′pher.)+ 16  And Ca′leb proceeded to say: “Whoever strikes Kir′i·ath-se′pher and does capture it, I shall certainly give him Ach′sah+ my daughter as a wife.” 17  At that Oth′ni·el+ the son of Ke′naz,+ Ca′leb’s brother, captured it. Accordingly he gave him Ach′sah+ his daughter as a wife. 18  And it came about that when she was going home, she kept inciting him to ask a field from her father. Then she clapped her hands while upon the ass.* At this Ca′leb said to her: “What do you want?”+ 19  So she said: “Do give me a blessing, for it is a piece of land to the south you have given me, and you must give me Gul′loth-ma′im.”* Accordingly he gave her Upper Gul′loth and Lower Gul′loth.*+ 20  This was the inheritance+ of the tribe of the sons of Judah+ by their families. 21  And the cities at the extremity of the tribe of the sons of Judah toward the boundary of E′dom+ in the south came to be Kab′ze·el+ and E′der and Ja′gur, 22  and Ki′nah and Di·mo′nah and A·da′dah, 23  and Ke′desh and Ha′zor and Ith′nan, 24  Ziph and Te′lem+ and Be·a′loth, 25  and Ha′zor-ha·dat′tah and Ke′ri·oth-hez′ron, that is to say, Ha′zor, 26  A′mam and She′ma and Mo·la′dah,+ 27  and Ha′zar-gad′dah and Hesh′mon and Beth-pel′et,+ 28  and Ha′zar-shu′al+ and Be′er-she′ba+ and Biz·i·o·thi′ah, 29  Ba′al·ah+ and I′im and E′zem,+ 30  and El·to′lad and Che′sil and Hor′mah,+ 31  and Zik′lag+ and Mad·man′nah and San·san′nah, 32  and Le·ba′oth and Shil′him and A′in+ and Rim′mon;+ all the cities being twenty-nine, together with their settlements. 33  In the She·phe′lah+ there were Esh′ta·ol+ and Zo′rah+ and Ash′nah, 34  and Za·no′ah+ and En-gan′nim, Tap′pu·ah and E′nam, 35  Jar′muth+ and A·dul′lam,+ So′coh+ and A·ze′kah,+ 36  and Sha′a·ra′im+ and Ad·i·tha′im and Ge·de′rah and Ged·e·ro·tha′im; fourteen cities and their settlements. 37  Ze′nan and Ha·dash′ah and Mig′dal-gad, 38  and Di′le·an and Miz′peh and Jok′the·el, 39  La′chish+ and Boz′kath+ and Eg′lon,+ 40  and Cab′bon and Lah′mam and Chit′lish, 41  and Ge·de′roth, Beth-da′gon and Na′a·mah and Mak·ke′dah;+ sixteen cities and their settlements. 42  Lib′nah+ and E′ther+ and A′shan, 43  and Iph′tah and Ash′nah and Ne′zib, 44  and Kei′lah+ and Ach′zib+ and Ma·re′shah;+ nine cities and their settlements. 45  Ek′ron+ and its dependent towns* and its settlements. 46  From Ek′ron westward all that is alongside Ash′dod and their settlements. 47  Ash′dod,+ its dependent towns and its settlements; Ga′za,+ its dependent towns and its settlements, down to the torrent valley of Egypt, and the Great Sea* and the adjacent region.+ 48  And in the mountainous region Sha′mir and Jat′tir+ and So′coh, 49  and Dan′nah and Kir′i·ath-san′nah, that is to say, De′bir, 50  and A′nab and Esh′te·moh+ and A′nim, 51  and Go′shen+ and Ho′lon and Gi′loh;+ eleven cities and their settlements. 52  Arab and Du′mah and E′shan, 53  and Ja′nim and Beth-tap′pu·ah and A·phe′kah, 54  and Hum′tah and Kir′i·ath-ar′ba, that is to say, He′bron,+ and Zi′or; nine cities and their settlements. 55  Ma′on,+ Car′mel and Ziph+ and Jut′tah, 56  and Jez′re·el and Jok′de·am and Za·no′ah, 57  Ka′in, Gib′e·ah and Tim′nah;+ ten cities and their settlements. 58  Hal′hul, Beth-zur and Ge′dor, 59  and Ma′a·rath and Beth-a′noth and El′te·kon; six cities and their settlements. 60  Kir′i·ath-ba′al,+ that is to say, Kir′i·ath-je′a·rim,+ and Rab′bah; two cities and their settlements. 61  In the wilderness Beth-ar′a·bah,+ Mid′din and Se·ca′cah, 62  and Nib′shan and the City of Salt and En-ge′di;+ six cities and their settlements. 63  As for the Jeb′u·sites+ who were dwelling in Jerusalem,+ the sons of Judah were not able to drive them away;+ and the Jeb′u·sites continue dwelling with the sons of Judah in Jerusalem down to this day.


Or, “pass.”
“Their,” LXX; MSy, “your”; Vg omits.
Or, “mouth.”
“Valley of Hinnom.” Heb., gheh-Hin·nom′; LXXA(Gr.), pha′rag·gos En·nom′; Lat., Ge·hen′nom. See App 4C.
See Nu 13:22 ftn.
Or, “Then she slid down (alighted) from off the ass.”
Meaning “Basin of Water.”
Or, “the upper basin and the lower basin.”
Lit., “its daughters.”
Lit., “the sea of the border; the bordering sea.” MmarginLXXSyVg, “the Great Sea.”