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Joshua 12:1-24

12  Now these are the kings of the land whom the sons of Israel defeated and whose land they then took possession of on the side of the Jordan toward the rising of the sun,+ from the torrent valley of Ar′non+ up to Mount Her′mon+ and all the Ar′a·bah+ toward the sunrise:*  Si′hon+ the king of the Am′or·ites, who dwelt in Hesh′bon,+ ruling from A·ro′er,+ which was on the bank of the torrent valley of Ar′non,+ and the middle of the torrent valley, and half of Gil′e·ad as far as Jab′bok+ the torrent valley, the boundary of the sons of Am′mon,  and the Ar′a·bah+ as far as the sea of Chin′ne·reth+ toward the east and as far as the sea of the Ar′a·bah, the Salt Sea,+ to the east in the direction of Beth-jesh′i·moth,+ and toward the south under the slopes of Pis′gah.+  And the territory of Og+ the king of Ba′shan, of what was left over of the Reph′a·im,+ who dwelt in Ash′ta·roth+ and Ed′re·i,+  and who ruled in Mount Her′mon+ and in Sal′e·cah and in all Ba′shan,+ as far as the boundary of the Gesh′ur·ites+ and the Ma·ac′a·thites,+ and half of Gil′e·ad, to the territory of Si′hon+ the king of Hesh′bon.+  It was Moses the servant of Jehovah and the sons of Israel who defeated them,+ after which Moses the servant of Jehovah gave it as a holding to the Reu′ben·ites+ and the Gad′ites+ and half of the tribe of Ma·nas′seh.+  And these are the kings of the land whom Joshua and the sons of Israel defeated on the side of the Jordan toward the west, from Ba′al-gad+ in the valley plain of Leb′a·non+ and as far as Mount Ha′lak,+ which goes up to Se′ir,+ after which Joshua gave it to the tribes of Israel as a holding by their shares,+  in the mountainous region and in the She·phe′lah and in the Ar′a·bah and on the slopes and in the wilderness and in the Neg′eb+—the Hit′tites, the Am′or·ites+ and the Ca′naan·ites, the Per′iz·zites, the Hi′vites and the Jeb′u·sites:+   The king of Jer′i·cho,+ one; the king of A′i,+ which was beside Beth′el, one; 10  the king of Jerusalem,+ one; the king of He′bron,+ one; 11  the king of Jar′muth,+ one; the king of La′chish,+ one; 12  the king of Eg′lon,+ one; the king of Ge′zer,+ one; 13  the king of De′bir,+ one; the king of Ge′der, one; 14  the king of Hor′mah, one; the king of A′rad, one; 15  the king of Lib′nah,+ one; the king of A·dul′lam, one; 16  the king of Mak·ke′dah,+ one; the king of Beth′el,+ one; 17  the king of Tap′pu·ah, one; the king of He′pher,+ one; 18  the king of A′phek, one; the king of Las·shar′on, one; 19  the king of Ma′don,+ one; the king of Ha′zor,+ one; 20  the king of Shim′ron-me′ron,* one; the king of Ach′shaph,+ one; 21  the king of Ta′a·nach, one; the king of Me·gid′do,+ one; 22  the king of Ke′desh, one; the king of Jok′ne·am+ in Car′mel, one; 23  the king of Dor on the mountain ridge of Dor,+ one; the king of Goi′im in Gil′gal,* one; 24  the king of Tir′zah, one; all the kings being thirty-one.+


Or, “east.”
“Shimron-meron,” M; Sy, “Shimron and Meron”; LXXLVg, “Shimron.”
Probably Jiljulieh, north of the brook Kanah, near the plain of Sharon. LXX, “Galilee.”