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Job 40:1-24

40  And Jehovah proceeded to answer Job and say:   “Should there be any contending* of a faultfinder with the Almighty?+ Let the reprover of God* himself answer it.”+  And Job went on to answer Jehovah and say:   “Look! I have become of little account.+ What shall I reply to you? My hand I have put over my mouth.+   Once have I spoken, and I will not answer; And twice, and I will add nothing.”  And Jehovah went on to answer Job out of the windstorm+ and say:   “Gird up your loins, please, like an able-bodied man;+ I shall question you, and you inform me.+   Really, will you invalidate my justice? Will you pronounce me wicked in order that you may be in the right?*+   Or do you have an arm like that of the [true] God,*+ And with a voice like his can you make it thunder?+ 10  Deck yourself, please, with superiority+ and highness;+ And with dignity+ and splendor+ may you clothe yourself. 11  Let flow the furious outbursts of your anger,+ And see every one haughty and bring him low. 12  See every one haughty, humble him,+ And tread down the wicked right where they are. 13  Hide them together in the dust,+ Bind their very faces in the hidden place, 14  And I, even I, shall commend you, Because your right hand can save you. 15  Here, now, is Be·heʹmoth* that I have made as well as you. Green grass it eats+ just as a bull does. 16  Here, now, its power is in its hips, And its dynamic energy+ in the tendons of its belly. 17  It bends down its tail like a cedar; The sinews of its thighs are interwoven. 18  Its bones are tubes of copper; Its strong bones are like wrought-iron rods. 19  It is the beginning of the ways of God;* Its Maker+ can bring near his sword. 20  For the mountains themselves bear their produce for it,+ And all the wild beasts of the field themselves play there.* 21  Under the thorny lotus trees it lies down, In the concealed place of reeds+ and the swampy place.+ 22  The thorny lotus trees keep it blocked off with their shadow; The poplars of the torrent valley surround it. 23  If the river acts violently, it does not run in panic. It is confident, although the Jordan+ should burst forth against its mouth. 24  Before its eyes can anyone take it? With snares can anyone bore [its] nose?*


“Should there be any contending.” In Heb. this is a verb in the infinitive absolute, indefinite as to time and impersonal.
“God.” Heb., ʼElohʹah.
“Do you imagine that I have treated you otherwise than that you should appear righteous?” LXX.
“Like that of the [true] God.” Heb., ka·ʼElʹ. See De 33:26 ftn, “God.”
Or, “hippopotamus.” Heb., vehe·mohthʹ, pl. of behe·mahʹ (compare Ge 1:24 ftn, “Animal”); Gr., the·riʹa; Lat.(vs 10), Be·heʹmoth.
“God.” Heb., ʼEl.
“He made pleasure for the four-footed creatures in the Tartarus,” LXX. See App 4D.
MLXX continue this chapter for eight more vss.