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Job 36:1-33

36  And E·li′hu proceeded to say further:   “Have patience with me a little while, and I shall declare to you That there are yet words [to say] for God.*   I shall carry my knowledge from far off, And to my Fashioner* I shall ascribe righteousness.+   For my words are for a fact no falsehood; The One perfect in knowledge+ is with you.   Look! God* is mighty+ and will not reject; [He is] mighty in power of heart;*   He will not preserve anyone wicked alive,+ But the judgment of the afflicted ones he will give.+   He will not take away his eyes from anyone righteous;+ Even kings on the throne+ He will also seat them forever, and they will be exalted.   And if they are bound in fetters,+ They are captured with ropes of affliction.   Then he will tell them about the way they act And their transgressions, because they take a superior air. 10  And he will uncover their ear to exhortation,+ And he will say that they should turn back from what is hurtful.+ 11  If they obey and serve, They will finish their days in what is good And their years in pleasantness.+ 12  But if they do not obey, they will pass away+ even by a missile,+ And they will expire without knowledge. 13  And those apostate in heart will themselves lay up anger.+ They should not cry for help because he has bound them. 14  Their soul will die in youth itself,+ And their life among male temple prostitutes.+ 15  He will rescue the afflicted one in his affliction, And he will uncover their ear in the oppression. 16  And he will also certainly allure you from the mouth of distress!+ Broader space,+ not constraint, will be in its place, And the consolation of your table will be full of fatness.+ 17  With the judicial sentence upon the wicked one+ you will certainly be filled; Judicial sentence and justice will themselves take hold. 18  For [take care] that rage+ does not allure you into [spiteful] handclapping, And let not a large ransom+ itself lead you astray. 19  Will your cry for help take effect?+ No, nor in distress Even all [your] powerful efforts.+ 20  Do not pant for the night,* For peoples to retreat [from] where they are. 21  Be on your guard that you do not turn to what is hurtful,+ For this you have chosen rather than affliction.+ 22  Look! God* himself acts exaltedly with his power; Who is an instructor like him? 23  Who has called his way to account against him,+ And who has said, ‘You have committed unrighteousness’?+ 24  Remember that you should magnify his activity+ Of which men have sung.+ 25  All mankind* themselves have gazed upon it; Mortal man himself keeps looking from far off.+ 26  Behold! God is more exalted than we can know;+ In number his years are beyond searching.+ 27  For he draws up the drops of water;+ They filter as rain for his mist, 28  So that the clouds trickle,+ They drip upon mankind abundantly. 29  Indeed, who can understand the cloud layers, The crashings from his booth?+ 30  Look! He has spread out over it his light,+ And the roots of the sea he has covered. 31  For by them he pleads the cause of peoples;+ He gives food in abundance.+ 32  In his hands he has covered over the lightning,* And he lays a command upon it against an assailant.+ 33  His booming tells about him,+ The livestock also concerning the one coming up.


“For God.” Heb., le·ʼEloh′ah.
Or, “and to my Maker.” Heb., u·lePho·ʽali′.
“God.” Heb., ʼEl.
Or, “good motive.” Compare 34:34.
Or, “night’s [rest].”
“God.” Heb., ʼEl.
“Mankind.” Heb., ʼa·dham′.
Lit., “light.” Heb., ʼohr, the same noun as in vs 30.