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Job 11:1-20

11  And Zoʹphar the Naʹa·ma·thite+ proceeded to answer and say:   “Will a multitude of words go unanswered, Or will a mere boaster* be in the right?   Will your empty talk itself put men* to silence, And will you keep deriding without having anyone rebuke [you]?+   Also, you say, ‘My instruction+ is pure, And I have proved really clean+ in your eyes.’   Yet O if only God himself would speak And open his lips with you!+   Then he would tell you the secrets of wisdom, For the things of practical wisdom are manifold.* Also, you would know* that God allows some of your error to be forgotten for you.+   Can you find out the deep things of God,+ Or can you find out to the very limit of the Almighty?   It is higher than heaven. What can you accomplish? It is deeper than Sheʹol.+ What can you know?   It is longer than the earth in measure, And broader than the sea. 10  If he moves on and hands [someone] over And calls a court, then who can resist him? 11  For he himself well knows men* who are untrue.+ When he sees what is hurtful, will he not also show himself attentive? 12  Even a hollow-minded man* himself will get good motive As soon as an asinine zebra be born a man.* 13  If you yourself will really prepare your heart And actually spread out your palms to him,+ 14  If what is hurtful is in your hand, put it far away, And let no unrighteousness dwell in your tents. 15  For then you will raise your face without defect+ And you will certainly become established, and you will not fear. 16  For you—you will forget trouble itself; As waters that have passed along you will remember [it]. 17  And brighter than midday will [your] life’s duration+ arise; Darkness will become like the morning itself.+ 18  And you will be bound to trust because there exists hope; And you will certainly look carefully around—in security you will lie down.+ 19  And you will indeed stretch yourself out, with no one to make [you] tremble. And many people will certainly put you in a gentle mood;*+ 20  And the very eyes of the wicked will fail;+ And a place for flight will certainly perish from them,+ And their hope will be an expiring of the soul.”+


Lit., “a man of lips.”
“Men.” Heb., methimʹ, adult males.
Lit., “doubled.”
Lit., “And know you,” imperative.
See vs 3 ftn.
“Even a . . . man.” Heb., weʼishʹ.
Or, “an earthling man.” Heb., ʼa·dhamʹ.
Lit., “soften your face.”