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Genesis 46:1-34

46  Accordingly Israel and all who were his pulled out and came to Be′er-she′ba,+ and he proceeded to sacrifice sacrifices to the God of his father Isaac.+  Then God talked to Israel in visions of the night and said:+ “Jacob, Jacob!” to which he said: “Here I am!”+  And he went on to say: “I am the [true] God,+ the God of your father.*+ Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for I shall constitute you there into a great nation.+  I myself shall go down with you to Egypt and I myself shall surely bring you up also;+ and Joseph will lay his hand upon your eyes.”*+  After that Jacob got up out of Be′er-she′ba, and the sons of Israel continued transporting Jacob their father and their little ones and their wives in the wagons that Phar′aoh had sent to transport him.+  Further, they took along their herds and their goods, which they had accumulated in the land of Ca′naan.+ Eventually they came into Egypt, Jacob and all his offspring with him.  He brought his sons and his sons’ sons with him, his daughters and his sons’ daughters, even all his offspring, with him into Egypt.+  Now these are the names of Israel’s sons who came into Egypt:+ Jacob and his sons: Jacob’s firstborn was Reu′ben.+  And the sons of Reu′ben were Ha′noch and Pal′lu and Hez′ron and Car′mi.+ 10  And the sons of Sim′e·on+ were Jem·u′el and Ja′min and O′had and Ja′chin+ and Zo′har and Sha′ul+ the son of a Ca′naan·ite woman. 11  And the sons of Le′vi+ were Ger′shon,+ Ko′hath+ and Me·rar′i.+ 12  And the sons of Judah+ were Er+ and O′nan+ and She′lah+ and Pe′rez+ and Ze′rah.+ However, Er and O′nan died in the land of Ca′naan.+ And the sons of Pe′rez came to be Hez′ron+ and Ha′mul.+ 13  And the sons of Is′sa·char+ were To′la+ and Pu′vah+ and Iob and Shim′ron.+ 14  And the sons of Zeb′u·lun+ were Se′red and E′lon and Jah′le·el.+ 15  These are the sons of Le′ah,+ whom she bore to Jacob in Pad′dan-a′ram, together with his daughter Di′nah.+ All the souls of his sons and of his daughters were thirty-three. 16  And the sons of Gad+ were Ziph′i·on and Hag′gi, Shu′ni and Ez′bon, E′ri and Ar·o′di and A·re′li.+ 17  And the sons of Ash′er+ were Im′nah and Ish′vah and Ish′vi and Be·ri′ah,+ and there was Se′rah their sister. And the sons of Be·ri′ah were He′ber and Mal′chi·el.+ 18  These are the sons of Zil′pah,+ whom La′ban gave to his daughter Le′ah. In time she bore these to Jacob: sixteen souls. 19  The sons of Rachel,+ Jacob’s wife, were Joseph+ and Benjamin.+ 20  And there came to be born to Joseph in the land of Egypt Ma·nas′seh+ and E′phra·im,*+ whom As′e·nath+ the daughter of Pot·i′phe·ra the priest of On bore to him. 21  And the sons of Benjamin were Be′la+ and Be′cher+ and Ash′bel, Ge′ra+ and Na′a·man,+ E′hi and Rosh, Mup′pim+ and Hup′pim+ and Ard. 22  These are the sons of Rachel who were born to Jacob. All the souls were fourteen. 23  And the sons of Dan+ were Hu′shim.+ 24  And the sons of Naph′ta·li+ were Jah′ze·el and Gu′ni+ and Je′zer and Shil′lem.+ 25  These are the sons of Bil′hah,+ whom La′ban gave to his daughter Rachel. In time she bore these to Jacob; all the souls were seven. 26  All the souls who came to Jacob into Egypt were those who issued out of his upper thigh,+ aside from the wives of Jacob’s sons. All the souls were sixty-six. 27  And Joseph’s sons who were born to him in Egypt were two souls. All the souls of the house of Jacob who came into Egypt were seventy.*+ 28  And he sent Judah+ in advance of him to Joseph to impart information ahead of him* to Go′shen. After that they came into the land of Go′shen.*+ 29  Then Joseph had his chariot made ready and went up to meet Israel his father at Go′shen.+ When he appeared to him he at once fell upon his neck and gave way to tears upon his neck again and again.+ 30  Finally Israel said to Joseph: “This time I am willing to die,+ now that I have seen your face, since you are still alive.” 31  Then Joseph said to his brothers and to his father’s household: “Let me go up and report to Phar′aoh and say to him,+ ‘My brothers and my father’s household who were in the land of Ca′naan have come here to me.+ 32  And the men are shepherds,+ because they became stock raisers;+ and their flocks and their herds and all they have they have brought here.’+ 33  And what must occur is that when Phar′aoh will call YOU and actually say, ‘What is YOUR occupation?’ 34  YOU must say, ‘Your servants have continued to be stock raisers from our youth until now, both we and our forefathers,’+ in order that YOU may dwell in the land of Go′shen,+ because every herder of sheep is a detestable thing to Egypt.”+


Or, “I, the [true] God, am the God of your father.”
That is, to close them at Jacob’s death.
After “Ephraim” LXX adds five more names, as it reads: “But there were sons born to Manasseh, whom his Syrian concubine bore to him, namely, Machir. And Machir became father to Galaad. But the sons of Ephraim, Manasseh’s brother, were Sutalaam and Taam. And the sons of Sutalaam were Edem.” This may explain why LXX, in Ge 46:27 and Ex 1:5, and Stephen, in Ac 7:14, count 75 souls instead of 70.
“Seventy,” MTSyVg; LXX, “seventy-five.”
“To Joseph, that he might make announcement to him,” Vg.
“To Joseph to meet him at Heroopolis in the land of Rameses,” LXX.