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Genesis 10:1-32

10  And this is the history of Noah’s sons,+ Shem, Ham and Ja′pheth. Now sons began to be born to them after the deluge.+  The sons of Ja′pheth were Go′mer+ and Ma′gog+ and Ma′da·i+ and Ja′van+ and Tu′bal+ and Me′shech+ and Ti′ras.+  And the sons of Go′mer were Ash′ke·naz+ and Ri′phath+ and To·gar′mah.+  And the sons of Ja′van were E·li′shah+ and Tar′shish,+ Kit′tim+ and Do′da·nim.*+  From these the population of the isles* of the nations was spread about in their lands, each according to its tongue, according to their families, by their nations.  And the sons of Ham were Cush+ and Miz′ra·im+ and Put+ and Ca′naan.+  And the sons of Cush were Se′ba+ and Hav′i·lah and Sab′tah and Ra′a·mah+ and Sab′te·ca. And the sons of Ra′a·mah were She′ba and De′dan.+  And Cush became father to Nim′rod.+ He made the start in becoming a mighty one* in the earth.  He displayed himself a mighty hunter* in opposition to* Jehovah. That is why there is a saying: “Just like Nim′rod a mighty hunter in opposition to Jehovah.”+ 10  And the beginning of his kingdom came to be Ba′bel*+ and E′rech+ and Ac′cad and Cal′neh, in the land of Shi′nar.+ 11  Out of that land he went forth into As·syr′i·a+ and set himself to building Nin′e·veh+ and Re·ho′both-Ir and Ca′lah 12  and Re′sen between Nin′e·veh and Ca′lah: this is the great city. 13  And Miz′ra·im+ became father to Lu′dim+ and An′a·mim and Le·ha′bim and Naph·tu′him+ 14  and Path·ru′sim+ and Cas·lu′him+ (from among whom the Phi·lis′tines+ went forth) and Caph′to·rim.+ 15  And Ca′naan became father to Si′don+ his firstborn and Heth+ 16  and the Jeb′u·site+ and the Am′or·ite+ and the Gir′ga·shite 17  and the Hi′vite+ and the Ark′ite and the Si′nite 18  and the Ar′vad·ite+ and the Zem′a·rite and the Ha′math·ite;+ and afterward the families of the Ca′naan·ite were scattered. 19  So the boundary of the Ca′naan·ite came to be from Si′don as far as Ge′rar,+ near Ga′za,+ as far as Sod′om and Go·mor′rah+ and Ad′mah+ and Ze·boi′im,+ near La′sha.* 20  These were the sons of Ham according to their families, according to their tongues, in their lands, by their nations. 21  And to Shem, the forefather of all the sons of E′ber,+ the brother of Ja′pheth the oldest, there was also progeny born. 22  The sons of Shem were E′lam+ and As′shur+ and Ar·pach′shad+ and Lud and A′ram. 23  And the sons of A′ram were Uz and Hul and Ge′ther and Mash.+ 24  And Ar·pach′shad became father to She′lah,+ and She′lah became father to E′ber. 25  And to E′ber there were two sons born. The name of the one was Pe′leg,*+ because in his days the earth* was divided;+ and the name of his brother was Jok′tan.+ 26  And Jok′tan became father to Al·mo′dad and She′leph and Ha·zar·ma′veth and Je′rah+ 27  and Ha·do′ram and U′zal and Dik′lah+ 28  and O′bal and A·bim′a·el and She′ba+ 29  and O′phir+ and Hav′i·lah+ and Jo′bab;+ all these were the sons of Jok′tan. 30  And their place of dwelling came to extend from Me′sha as far as Se′phar, the mountainous region of the East. 31  These were the sons of Shem according to their families, according to their tongues, in their lands, according to their nations.+ 32  These were the families of the sons of Noah according to their family descents, by their nations, and from these the nations were spread about in the earth after the deluge.+


“Rodanim,” SamLXX. See 1Ch 1:7 ftn, “Rodanim.”
Lit., “From these the isles (coastlands).”
“A mighty one.” Heb., gib·bor′. This word occurs first in 6:4, next in this vs, then twice in vs 9.
Lit., “mighty one in hunting.”
Lit., “in front of,” but in the sense of defiance of and opposition to, as in the case of the same expression in Nu 16:2; Jos 7:12, 13; 1Ch 14:8; 2Ch 14:10; Job 23:4. Heb., liph·neh′; Gr., e·nan·ti′on, generally “against.”
“Babel,” MSamSy; LXXVg, “Babylon.”
“Lasha,” traditionally identified with Callirrhoe, on the eastern shore of the Dead Sea.
Meaning “Division; Stream.”
Or, “earth’s population.”