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Ezra 2:1-70

2  And these were the sons of the jurisdictional district*+ that went up out of the captivity of the exiled+ people whom Neb·u·chad·nez′zar the king of Babylon had taken into exile+ at Babylon and who later returned+ to Jerusalem and Judah,+ each one to his own city;  those who came with Ze·rub′ba·bel,+ Jesh′u·a,*+ Ne·he·mi′ah, Se·rai′ah,*+ Re·el·ai′ah,* Mor′de·cai, Bil′shan, Mis′par,* Big′vai, Re′hum,*+ Ba′a·nah. The number of the men of the people of Israel:  The sons of Pa′rosh,+ two thousand one hundred and seventy-two;  the sons of Sheph·a·ti′ah,+ three hundred and seventy-two;  the sons of A′rah,+ seven hundred and seventy-five;  the sons of Pa′hath-mo′ab,*+ of the sons of Jesh′u·a [and] Jo′ab,+ two thousand eight hundred and twelve;  the sons of E′lam,+ a thousand two hundred and fifty-four;  the sons of Zat′tu,+ nine hundred and forty-five;  the sons of Zac′cai,+ seven hundred and sixty; 10  the sons of Ba′ni,*+ six hundred and forty-two; 11  the sons of Be′bai,+ six hundred and twenty-three; 12  the sons of Az′gad,+ a thousand two hundred and twenty-two; 13  the sons of Ad·o·ni′kam,+ six hundred and sixty-six; 14  the sons of Big′vai,+ two thousand and fifty-six; 15  the sons of A′din,+ four hundred and fifty-four; 16  the sons of A′ter,+ of Hez·e·ki′ah, ninety-eight; 17  the sons of Be′zai,+ three hundred and twenty-three; 18  the sons of Jo′rah,* a hundred and twelve; 19  the sons of Ha′shum,+ two hundred and twenty-three; 20  the sons of Gib′bar,*+ ninety-five; 21  the sons of Beth′le·hem,+ a hundred and twenty-three; 22  the men of Ne·to′phah,+ fifty-six; 23  the men of An′a·thoth,+ a hundred and twenty-eight; 24  the sons of Az′ma·veth,+ forty-two; 25  the sons of Kir′i·ath-je′a·rim,+ Che·phi′rah and Be·er′oth, seven hundred and forty-three; 26  the sons of Ra′mah+ and Ge′ba,+ six hundred and twenty-one; 27  the men of Mich′mas,+ a hundred and twenty-two; 28  the men of Beth′el+ and A′i,+ two hundred and twenty-three; 29  the sons of Ne′bo,*+ fifty-two; 30  the sons of Mag′bish, a hundred and fifty-six; 31  the sons of the other E′lam,+ a thousand two hundred and fifty-four; 32  the sons of Ha′rim,+ three hundred and twenty; 33  the sons of Lod,+ Ha′did+ and O′no,+ seven hundred and twenty-five; 34  the sons of Jer′i·cho,+ three hundred and forty-five; 35  the sons of Se·na′ah,+ three thousand six hundred and thirty. 36  The priests:+ The sons of Je·da′iah+ of the house of Jesh′u·a+ nine hundred and seventy-three; 37  the sons of Im′mer,+ a thousand and fifty-two; 38  the sons of Pash′hur,+ a thousand two hundred and forty-seven; 39  the sons of Ha′rim,+ a thousand and seventeen. 40  The Levites:+ The sons of Jesh′u·a+ and Kad′mi·el,+ of the sons of Hod·a·vi′ah,+ seventy-four. 41  The singers, the sons of A′saph,+ a hundred and twenty-eight. 42  The sons of the gatekeepers, the sons of Shal′lum,+ the sons of A′ter,+ the sons of Tal′mon,+ the sons of Ak′kub,+ the sons of Ha·ti′ta,+ the sons of Sho′bai, all together, a hundred and thirty-nine. 43  The Neth′i·nim:*+ The sons of Zi′ha, the sons of Ha·su′pha, the sons of Tab·ba′oth,+ 44  the sons of Ke′ros, the sons of Si′a·ha, the sons of Pa′don,+ 45  the sons of Le·ba′nah, the sons of Hag′a·bah, the sons of Ak′kub,+ 46  the sons of Ha′gab, the sons of Sal′mai,+ the sons of Ha′nan, 47  the sons of Gid′del, the sons of Ga′har,+ the sons of Re·a′iah, 48  the sons of Re′zin,+ the sons of Ne·ko′da,+ the sons of Gaz′zam, 49  the sons of Uz′za, the sons of Pa·se′ah,+ the sons of Be′sai, 50  the sons of As′nah, the sons of Me·u′nim, the sons of Ne·phu′sim;+ 51  the sons of Bak′buk, the sons of Ha·ku′pha, the sons of Har′hur,+ 52  the sons of Baz′luth, the sons of Me·hi′da, the sons of Har′sha,+ 53  the sons of Bar′kos, the sons of Sis′e·ra, the sons of Te′mah,+ 54  the sons of Ne·zi′ah, the sons of Ha·ti′pha.+ 55  The sons of the servants of Sol′o·mon:+ The sons of So′tai, the sons of So·phe′reth, the sons of Pe·ru′da,+ 56  the sons of Ja′a·lah, the sons of Dar′kon, the sons of Gid′del,+ 57  the sons of Sheph·a·ti′ah, the sons of Hat′til, the sons of Po′che·reth-haz·ze·ba′im, the sons of A′mi.+ 58  All the Neth′i·nim+ and the sons of the servants of Sol′o·mon were three hundred and ninety-two.+ 59  And these were the ones going up from Tel-me′lah, Tel-har′sha, Che′rub, Ad′don [and] Im′mer, and they proved unable to tell the house of their fathers and their origin,*+ whether they were of Israel: 60  the sons of De·la′iah, the sons of To·bi′ah, the sons of Ne·ko′da,+ six hundred and fifty-two. 61  And of the sons of the priests:+ the sons of Ha·bai′ah, the sons of Hak′koz,+ the sons of Bar·zil′lai,+ who took a wife from the daughters of Bar·zil′lai+ the Gil′e·ad·ite and came to be called by their name. 62  These were the ones that looked for their register to establish their genealogy publicly, and they did not find themselves, so that they were barred as polluted from the priesthood.+ 63  Consequently the Tir·sha′tha*+ said to them that they could not eat+ from the most holy things until a priest stood up with U′rim+ and Thum′mim.* 64  The entire congregation* as one group+ was forty-two thousand three hundred and sixty,+ 65  apart from their men slaves and their slave girls, these being seven thousand three hundred and thirty-seven; and they had two hundred male singers+ and female singers. 66  Their horses were seven hundred and thirty-six, their mules two hundred and forty-five,+ 67  their camels four hundred and thirty-five, [their] asses six thousand seven hundred and twenty.+ 68  And certain ones of the heads+ of the paternal+ houses, on coming to the house of Jehovah,+ which was in Jerusalem,+ made voluntary+ offerings to the house of the [true] God, to cause it to stand on its own site.+ 69  According to their power they gave gold+ for the working supplies, sixty-one thousand drachmas,* and silver,+ five thousand mi′nas,* and a hundred robes+ of priests. 70  And the priests and the Levites and some of the people,+ and the singers and the gatekeepers and the Neth′i·nim took up dwelling in their cities, and all Israel in their cities.+


“Jurisdictional district.” Lat., pro·vin′ci·ae.
“Jeshua.” Heb., Ye·shu′aʽ; in Hag 1:1 and Zec 3:1, “Joshua”; LXX, “Jesus.”
“Azariah” in Ne 7:7.
“Raamiah” in Ne 7:7.
“Mispereth” in Ne 7:7.
“Nehum” in Ne 7:7.
Meaning “Governor of Moab.”
“Binnui” in Ne 7:15.
“Hariph” in Ne 7:24.
“Gibeon” in Ne 7:25.
“The other Nebo” in Ne 7:33.
“The Nethinim.” Or, “The temple slaves.” Lit., “The given ones.” Heb., han·Nethi·nim′. Compare Nu 3:9 ftn.
Lit., “seed.”
“The Tirshatha.” Heb., hat·Tir·sha′thaʼ, the Persian title for a governor of a jurisdictional district.
See Ex 28:30 ftn, “Thummim.”
“The entire congregation.” Heb., kol-haq·qa·hal′; Gr., ek·kle·si′a.
A drachma was generally equated with the Persian gold daric that weighed 8.4 g (0.27 oz t). Not the drachma of the Greek Scriptures.
A mina weighed 570 g (18.35 oz t). Not the mina of the Greek Scriptures.