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2 Kings 10:1-36

10  Now A′hab had seventy+ sons in Sa·mar′i·a.+ Therefore Je′hu wrote letters and sent them to Sa·mar′i·a to the princes+ of Jez′re·el, the older men+ and the caretakers of A′hab,* saying:  “Now, then, at the very time that this letter comes to YOU there are with YOU the sons of YOUR lord, and there are with YOU the war chariots and the horses+ and a fortified city and the armor.  And YOU must see which is the best and most upright of the sons of YOUR lord and put him upon the throne of his father.+ Then fight for the house of YOUR lord.”  And they became very greatly afraid and began to say: “Look! Two kings+ themselves did not stand before him, and how shall we ourselves stand?”+  Consequently the one who was over the house and the one who was over the city and the older men and the caretakers+ sent to Je′hu, saying: “We are your servants, and everything that you say to us we shall do. We shall not make anyone king. What is good in your own eyes do.”  At that he wrote them a second letter, saying: “If YOU belong to me,+ and it is my voice that YOU are obeying, take the heads of the men that are sons+ of YOUR lord and come to me tomorrow at this time at Jez′re·el.”+ Now the sons of the king, seventy men, were with the distinguished men of the city that were bringing them up.  And it came about that as soon as the letter came to them, they went taking the sons of the king and slaughtering [them], seventy men,+ after which they put their heads in baskets and sent them to him at Jez′re·el.  Then the messenger+ came in and told him, saying: “They have brought the heads+ of the sons of the king.” So he said: “PUT them in two heaps at the entrance of the gate until morning.”+  And it came about in the morning that he proceeded to go out. Then he stood still and said to all the people: “YOU are righteous.*+ Here I myself conspired+ against my lord, and I got to kill him;+ but who struck down all these? 10  Know, then, that nothing of Jehovah’s word will fall [unfulfilled] to the earth+ that Jehovah has spoken against the house of A′hab;+ and Jehovah himself has done what he spoke by means of his servant E·li′jah.”+ 11  Moreover, Je′hu went on to strike down all who were left over of the house of A′hab in Jez′re·el and all his distinguished men+ and his acquaintances and his priests,+ until he had let no survivor of his remain.+ 12  And he proceeded to rise and come in, then get on his way to Sa·mar′i·a. The binding house of the shepherds was on the way.* 13  And Je′hu himself encountered the brothers+ of A·ha·zi′ah+ the king of Judah. When he said to them, “Who are YOU?” then they said: “We are the brothers of A·ha·zi′ah, and we are on our way down to ask if all is well with* the sons of the king and the sons of the lady.” 14  Immediately he said: “Seize them alive,+ YOU men!” So they seized them alive and slaughtered them at the cistern of the binding house,* forty-two men, and he did not let a single one of them remain.+ 15  As he was going along from there he got to encounter Je·hon′a·dab*+ the son of Re′chab+ [coming] to meet him. When he blessed+ him, he accordingly said to him: “Is your heart upright with me, just as my own heart is with your heart?”+ To this Je·hon′a·dab said: “It is.” “If it is, do give me your hand.” So he gave him his hand. At that he made him get up into the chariot with him.+ 16  Then he said: “Do go along with me and look upon my toleration of no rivalry+ toward Jehovah.” And they* kept him riding with him in his war chariot. 17  Finally he came to Sa·mar′i·a. Now he went striking down all who were left over of A′hab’s in Sa·mar′i·a, until he had annihilated them,+ according to Jehovah’s word that he had spoken to E·li′jah.+ 18  Further, Je′hu collected all the people together and said to them: “A′hab, on the one hand, worshiped* Ba′al* a little.+ Je′hu, on the other hand, will worship him a great deal. 19  So now call all the prophets+ of Ba′al, all his worshipers+ and all his priests+ to me. Do not let a single one be missing, because I have a great sacrifice for Ba′al. Anyone that is missing will not keep living.” As for Je′hu, he acted slyly,+ for the purpose of destroying the worshipers of Ba′al. 20  And Je′hu went on to say: “Sanctify a solemn assembly for Ba′al.” Accordingly they proclaimed it. 21  After that Je′hu sent through all Israel,+ so that all the worshipers of Ba′al came in. And not a single one was left over that did not come in. And they kept coming into the house of Ba′al,+ and the house of Ba′al came to be full from end to end.* 22  He now said to the one who was over the wardrobe: “Bring out garments for all the worshipers of Ba′al.” So he brought the attire out for them. 23  Then Je′hu entered with Je·hon′a·dab+ the son of Re′chab into the house of Ba′al. He now said to the worshipers of Ba′al: “Search carefully and see that there may be here with YOU none of the worshipers of Jehovah, but only the worshipers of Ba′al.”+ 24  Finally they came in to render up sacrifices and burnt offerings, and Je′hu himself stationed eighty* men outside at his disposal and went on to say: “As for the man that escapes from the men whom I am bringing into YOUR hands, the one’s soul will go for the other’s soul.”+ 25  And it came about that as soon as he finished rendering up the burnt offering, Je′hu immediately said to the runners and the adjutants: “Come in, strike them down! Do not let a single one go out.”+ And the runners and the adjutants+ began to strike them down with the edge of the sword and to throw them out, and they kept going as far as the city of the house of Ba′al. 26  Then they brought out the sacred pillars*+ of the house of Ba′al and burned+ each one.* 27  Further, they pulled down the sacred pillar of Ba′al+ and pulled down the house of Ba′al,+ and they kept it set aside for privies+ down to this day. 28  Thus Je′hu annihilated Ba′al out of Israel. 29  It was only the sins of Jer·o·bo′am+ the son of Ne′bat, with which he caused Israel to sin,+ that Je′hu did not turn aside from following them, [that is,] the golden calves+ of which one was in Beth′el and one in Dan.+ 30  Consequently Jehovah said to Je′hu: “For the reason that you have acted well in doing what is right in my eyes,+ [and] according to all that was in my heart you have done to the house of A′hab,+ sons themselves to the fourth generation will sit for you upon the throne of Israel.”+ 31  And Je′hu himself did not take care to walk in the law of Jehovah the God of Israel with all his heart.+ He did not turn aside from the sins of Jer·o·bo′am with which he caused Israel to sin.+ 32  In those days Jehovah started to cut off Israel piece by piece; and Haz′a·el+ kept striking them in all the territory of Israel, 33  from the Jordan toward the rising of the sun, all the land of Gil′e·ad,+ the Gad′ites+ and the Reu′ben·ites+ and the Ma·nas′sites,+ from A·ro′er,+ which is by the torrent valley of Ar′non, even Gil′e·ad and Ba′shan.+ 34  And the rest of the affairs of Je′hu and all that he did and all his mightiness, are they not written in the book+ of the affairs of the days of the kings of Israel? 35  Finally Je′hu lay down with his forefathers,+ and they buried him in Sa·mar′i·a; and Je·ho′a·haz+ his son began to reign in place of him. 36  And the days that Je′hu had reigned over Israel were twenty-eight years in Sa·mar′i·a.


Or, “the trustees of Ahab,” M; LXX, “the caretakers of the sons of Ahab.”
Or, “innocent.”
Or, “Beth-eked of the Shepherds was on the way.”
Lit., “on our way down for the welfare of.”
Or, “cistern of Beth-eked.”
Meaning “Jehovah Is Willing; Jehovah Is Noble.” Compare 2Sa 13:3 ftn.
“They,” M; LXXSy, “he.”
Or, “rendered sacred service to.” Lit., “served.” Heb., ʽa·vadh′.
Lit., “the Baal.” Heb., hab·Ba′ʽal. Compare Nu 22:41 ftn, “Bamoth-baal.”
Lit., “full, mouth to mouth.” Possibly meaning standing very close to one another.
“Eighty,” MLXXVg; Sy, “three hundred and eighty”; LXXLItLegionensis(margin), “three thousand.”
“Sacred pillars,” M; LXXSyVg, “sacred pillar.” Possibly the sacred pole or Asherah.
Lit., “it,” fem., that is, each sacred pillar (pole) individually.