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2 Chronicles 22:1-12

22  Then the inhabitants of Jerusalem made A·ha·zi′ah*+ his youngest son king in place of him, (for the marauder band that came with the Arabs+ to the camp had killed all the older ones,)+ and A·ha·zi′ah the son of Je·ho′ram began to reign as king of Judah.  Twenty-two* years old was A·ha·zi′ah when he began to reign,+ and for one year he reigned in Jerusalem. And his mother’s name was Ath·a·li′ah+ the granddaughter* of Om′ri.+  He himself also walked in the ways of the house of A′hab,+ for his mother+ herself became his counselor in doing wickedly.  And he went on doing what was bad in Jehovah’s eyes, the same as the house of A′hab, for they themselves became counselors+ to him after the death of his father, to his ruination.  It was also in their counsel that he walked,+ so that he went with Je·ho′ram+ the son of A′hab the king of Israel to the war against Haz′a·el+ the king of Syria at Ra′moth-gil′e·ad,+ at which the shooters got to strike Je·ho′ram.*+  Hence he returned to get healed at Jez′re·el+ from the wounds that they had inflicted upon him at Ra′mah+ when he fought Haz′a·el the king of Syria. As for Az·a·ri′ah*+ the son of Je·ho′ram+ the king of Judah, he went down to see Je·ho′ram+ the son of A′hab in Jez′re·el, for he was sick.+  But it was from God+ that the downfall+ of A·ha·zi′ah occurred by [his] coming to Je·ho′ram; and when he came, he went out+ with Je·ho′ram to Je′hu+ the grandson* of Nim′shi,+ whom Jehovah had anointed+ to cut off the house of A′hab.+  And it came about that as soon as Je′hu had entered into controversy with the house of A′hab,+ he got to find the princes of Judah and the sons of the brothers of A·ha·zi′ah,+ ministers of A·ha·zi′ah, and he proceeded to kill them.+  Then he went looking for A·ha·zi′ah, and they finally captured him,+ as he was hiding in Sa·mar′i·a,+ and brought him to Je′hu. Then they put him to death and buried him,+ for they said: “He is the grandson of Je·hosh′a·phat,+ who searched for Jehovah with all his heart.”+ And there was no one of the house of A·ha·zi′ah to retain power for the kingdom. 10  As regards Ath·a·li′ah+ the mother of A·ha·zi′ah, she saw that her son had died. So she rose up and destroyed all the royal offspring of the house of Judah.+ 11  However, Je·ho·shab′e·ath+ the daughter of the king took Je·ho′ash*+ the son of A·ha·zi′ah and stole him away from among the sons of the king that were to be put to death, and put him and his nursing woman in the inner room for the couches. And Je·ho·shab′e·ath the daughter of King Je·ho′ram,+ the wife of Je·hoi′a·da+ the priest, (for she herself happened to be the sister of A·ha·zi′ah,) kept him concealed because of Ath·a·li′ah, and she did not put him to death.+ 12  And he continued with them in the house of the [true] God hidden for six years,+ while Ath·a·li′ah was ruling as queen+ over the land.+


“Ahaziah.” Heb., ʼAchaz·ya′hu. The same as “Jehoahaz” in 21:17, also meaning “Jehovah Has Taken Hold.” Here God’s name, abbreviated as Ya′hu, follows “Ahaz” instead of preceding it.
“Twenty-two,” LXXLSy and 2Ki 8:26; MVg, “forty-two”; LXX, “twenty.”
Lit., “daughter.”
Lit., “Joram.”
“As for Azariah.” Heb., wa·ʽAzar·ya′hu; in vss 1, 2, 7-11, “Ahaziah.”
Lit., “son.”
Lit., “Joash.” See 2Ki 11:21 ftn.