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2 Chronicles 12:1-16

12  And it came about that, as soon as the kingship of Re·ho·bo′am was firmly established+ and as soon as he was strong, he left the law of Jehovah,+ and also all Israel+ with him.  And it came about in the fifth year of King Re·ho·bo′am+ that Shi′shak+ the king of Egypt came up against Jerusalem, (for they had behaved unfaithfully toward Jehovah,)+  with twelve hundred chariots+ and with sixty thousand horsemen; and there was no number+ to the people that came with him out of Egypt—Lib′y·ans,*+ Suk′ki·im and E·thi·o′pi·ans.*+  And he got to capture the fortified cities that belonged to Judah+ and finally came as far as Jerusalem.+  Now as for She·mai′ah+ the prophet, he came to Re·ho·bo′am and the princes of Judah who had gathered themselves at Jerusalem because of Shi′shak, and he proceeded to say to them: “This is what Jehovah has said, ‘YOU, for your part, have left me,+ and I, too, for my part, have left YOU+ to the hand of Shi′shak.’”  At that the princes of Israel and the king humbled+ themselves and said: “Jehovah is righteous.”+  And when Jehovah saw+ that they had humbled themselves, the word of Jehovah came to She·mai′ah,+ saying: “They have humbled themselves. I shall not bring them to ruin, and in a little while I shall certainly give them an escape, and my rage+ will not pour forth upon Jerusalem by the hand of Shi′shak.+  But they will become servants of his,+ that they may know the difference between my service+ and the service of the kingdoms of the lands.”+  So Shi′shak+ the king of Egypt came up against Jerusalem and took the treasures of the house of Jehovah+ and the treasures of the king’s house.+ Everything he took; and so he took the gold shields that Sol′o·mon had made.+ 10  Consequently King Re·ho·bo′am made in their place copper shields, and he committed them to the control of the chiefs of the runners,+ the guards+ of the entrance of the king’s house.+ 11  And it would occur that as often as the king came to the house of Jehovah, the runners came in and carried them and returned them to the guard chamber of the runners.+ 12  And because he humbled himself, Jehovah’s anger turned back from him,+ and he [did] not [think] of bringing them to ruin completely.+ And, besides, there happened to be good things in Judah.+ 13  And King Re·ho·bo′am continued to make his position strong in Jerusalem and kept reigning; for Re·ho·bo′am+ was forty-one years old when he began to reign, and for seventeen years he reigned in Jerusalem, the city+ that Jehovah had chosen out of all the tribes of Israel to put his name there.+ And his mother’s name was Na′a·mah+ the Am′mon·it·ess.+ 14  But he did what was bad,+ for he had not firmly established his heart to search for Jehovah.+ 15  As for Re·ho·bo′am’s affairs, the first and the last,+ are they not written among the words of She·mai′ah+ the prophet and of Id′do+ the visionary by genealogical enrollment? And there were wars between Re·ho·bo′am+ and Jer·o·bo′am+ all the time. 16  Finally Re·ho·bo′am lay down with his forefathers+ and was buried in the City of David;+ and A·bi′jah*+ his son began to reign in place of him.


“Libyans.” Heb., Lu·vim′.
“And Ethiopians,” LXXVg; Heb., weKhu·shim′, “and Cushites.”