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1 Kings 5:1-18

5  And Hi′ram+ the king of Tyre+ proceeded to send his servants+ to Sol′o·mon, for he had heard that it was he that they had anointed as king in place of his father; for a lover* of David Hi′ram had always proved to be.+  In turn Sol′o·mon sent to Hi′ram, saying:+  “You yourself well know that David my father was not able to build a house to the name of Jehovah his God because of the warfare+ with which they surrounded him, until Jehovah put them under the soles of his feet.  And now Jehovah my God has given me rest all around.+ There is no resister,* and there is nothing bad happening.+  And here I am thinking of building* a house to the name of Jehovah my God,+ just as Jehovah promised to David my father, saying, ‘Your son whom I shall put upon your throne in place of you, he is the one that will build the house to my name.’+  And now command that they cut for me cedars* from Leb′a·non;+ and my servants themselves will prove to be with your servants, and the wages of your servants I shall give to you according to all that you may say, for you yourself well know that there is among us no one knowing how to cut trees like the Si·do′ni·ans.”+  And it came about that as soon as Hi′ram+ heard the words of Sol′o·mon, he began to rejoice greatly, and he went on to say: “Blessed+ is Jehovah today in that he has given David a wise+ son over this numerous people!”+  Accordingly Hi′ram sent to Sol′o·mon, saying: “I have heard what you sent to me. For my part, I shall do all your delight in the matter of timbers of cedar trees and timbers of juniper+ trees.  My servants themselves will bring them down out of Leb′a·non+ to the sea; and I, for my part, shall put them in log rafts [to go] by sea clear to the place that you will send me notice of;+ and I shall certainly have them broken up there, and you, for your part, will carry them; and you, for your part, will do my delight by giving the food for my household.”+ 10  So Hi′ram became a giver of timbers of cedar trees and timbers of juniper trees to Sol′o·mon according to all his delight. 11  And Sol′o·mon, for his part, gave Hi′ram twenty thousand cor+ measures of wheat as food supplies for his household and twenty cor* measures of beaten-out+ oil.* That was what Sol′o·mon kept giving Hi′ram year by year.+ 12  And Jehovah, for his part, gave Sol′o·mon wisdom, just as he had promised him;+ and there came to be peace between Hi′ram and Sol′o·mon, and both of them proceeded to conclude a covenant. 13  And King Sol′o·mon kept bringing up those conscripted for forced labor out of all Israel; and those conscripted for forced labor+ amounted to thirty thousand men. 14  And he would send them to Leb′a·non in shifts of ten thousand a month. For a month they would continue in Leb′a·non, for two months at their homes;+ and Ad·o·ni′ram+ was over those conscripted+ for forced labor.+ 15  And Sol′o·mon came to have+ seventy thousand burden bearers+ and eighty thousand cutters+ in the mountain,+ 16  besides Sol′o·mon’s princely deputies*+ who were over the work, three thousand three hundred foremen+ over the people who were active in the work. 17  Accordingly the king commanded that they should quarry great stones, expensive stones,+ to lay the foundation+ of the house with hewn stones.+ 18  So Sol′o·mon’s builders and Hi′ram’s builders and the Ge′bal·ites+ did the cutting, and they kept preparing the timbers and the stones to build the house.


Or, “friend.” Lat., a·mi′cus.
“Resister.” Heb., sa·tan′; Syr., sa·ta·naʼ, “the resister”; Lat., sa′tan.
Lit., “I am saying [to myself] to build.”
Or, “fir trees.” Gr., xy′la, “trees.”
See 4:22 ftn, “Cor.”
That is, especially fine and costly oil made by beating or pounding olives in a mortar; the olives sometimes are trodden by foot.
Lit., “princes of the deputies.”