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1 Chronicles 9:1-44

9  As for all Israelites, they were enrolled genealogically;+ and there they are written in the Book of the Kings of Israel. And Judah itself was taken into exile+ at Babylon* for their unfaithfulness.  And the first inhabitants that were in their possession* in their cities were the Israelites,*+ the priests,+ the Levites+ and the Neth′i·nim.*+  And in Jerusalem+ there dwelt some of the sons of Judah+ and some of the sons of Benjamin+ and some of the sons of E′phra·im and of Ma·nas′seh:  U′thai the son of Am·mi′hud the son of Om′ri the son of Im′ri the son of Ba′ni, of the sons of Pe′rez*+ the son of Judah.+  And of the Shi′lo·nites,*+ A·sai′ah the firstborn and his sons.  And of the sons of Ze′rah,+ Je·u′el, and six hundred and ninety brothers of theirs.  And of the sons of Benjamin, Sal′lu the son of Me·shul′lam the son of Hod·a·vi′ah the son of Has·se·nu′ah,  and Ib·ne′iah the son of Je·ro′ham, and E′lah the son of Uz′zi the son of Mich′ri, and Me·shul′lam the son of Sheph·a·ti′ah the son of Reu′el the son of Ib·ni′jah.  And the brothers of theirs by their descendants were nine hundred and fifty-six. All these were men that were heads of the fathers by the house of their forefathers. 10  And of the priests there were Je·da′iah and Je·hoi′a·rib and Ja′chin,+ 11  and Az·a·ri′ah+ the son of Hil·ki′ah the son of Me·shul′lam the son of Za′dok the son of Me·ra′ioth the son of A·hi′tub, a leader* of the house of the [true] God, 12  and A·dai′ah the son of Je·ro′ham the son of Pash′hur the son of Mal·chi′jah, and Ma′a·sai the son of Ad′i·el the son of Jah′ze·rah the son of Me·shul′lam the son of Me·shil′le·mith+ the son of Im′mer, 13  and their brothers, heads of the house of their forefathers, a thousand seven hundred and sixty, mighty men of ability+ for the work of the service of the house of the [true] God. 14  And of the Levites there were She·mai′ah the son of Has′shub the son of Az·ri′kam the son of Hash·a·bi′ah+ from the sons of Me·rar′i; 15  and Bak·bak′kar, He′resh and Ga′lal, and Mat·ta·ni′ah+ the son of Mi′ca+ the son of Zich′ri+ the son of A′saph,+ 16  and O·ba·di′ah the son of She·mai′ah+ the son of Ga′lal the son of Je·du′thun,+ and Ber·e·chi′ah the son of A′sa the son of El·ka′nah, who was dwelling in the settlements of the Ne·toph′a·thites.+ 17  And the gatekeepers+ were Shal′lum+ and Ak′kub and Tal′mon and A·hi′man and their brother Shal′lum the head, 18  and up till then he was in the king’s gate+ to the east. These were the gatekeepers of the camps of the sons of Le′vi.+ 19  And Shal′lum the son of Ko′re the son of E·bi′a·saph+ the son+ of Ko′rah+ and his brothers of the house of his father the Ko′rah·ites,+ over the work of the service, the doorkeepers+ of the tent, and their fathers over the camp of Jehovah, the keepers of the entryway. 20  And it was Phin′e·has+ the son of El·e·a′zar+ that happened to be leader* over them in the past. Jehovah was with him.+ 21  Zech·a·ri′ah+ the son of Me·shel·e·mi′ah was the gatekeeper of the entrance of the tent of meeting. 22  All of them who were selected as gatekeepers at the thresholds were two hundred and twelve. They were in their settlements+ by their genealogical+ enrollment. These David+ and Samuel the seer+ ordained* in their office of trust.+ 23  And they and their sons were over the gates of the house of Jehovah, even the house of the tent, for guard service.+ 24  It was to the four directions* that the gatekeepers came to be, to the east,+ to the west,+ to the north+ and to the south.+ 25  And their brothers in their settlements were to come in for seven+ days, from time to time, along with these. 26  For in office of trust there were four mighty men of the gatekeepers. They were Levites, and they proved to be in charge of the dining rooms+ and of the treasures+ of the house of the [true] God. 27  And all around the house of the [true] God they would spend the night; for guard+ service was upon them, and they were in charge of the key, even [to open up]* from morning to morning.+ 28  And some of them were in charge of the utensils+ of the service, for it was by number that they would bring them in and it was by number that they would take them out. 29  And some of them were men appointed over the utensils and over all the holy+ utensils and over the fine flour+ and the wine+ and the oil+ and the frankincense+ and the balsam oil.+ 30  And some of the sons of the priests were makers of the ointment+ mixture of balsam oil. 31  And Mat·ti·thi′ah of the Levites, who was the firstborn of Shal′lum+ the Ko′rah·ite, was in the office of trust over the things baked in pans.+ 32  And some of the sons of the Ko′hath·ites, their brothers, were in charge of the layer bread,+ to prepare it sabbath by sabbath.+ 33  And these were the singers,+ the heads of the fathers of the Levites in the dining rooms,+ those set free from duty;+ for by day and by night it was their responsibility to be in the work.+ 34  These were the heads of the fathers of the Levites by their descendants, headmen. These were the ones that dwelt in Jerusalem.+ 35  And in Gib′e·on+ was where the father of Gib′e·on, Je·i′el, dwelt. And his wife’s name was Ma′a·cah. 36  And his son, the firstborn, was Ab′don, and Zur and Kish and Ba′al and Ner and Na′dab, 37  and Ge′dor and A·hi′o and Zech·a·ri′ah+ and Mik′loth. 38  As for Mik′loth, he became father to Shim′e·am. And it was really they that dwelt in front of their brothers in Jerusalem along with brothers of theirs. 39  As for Ner,+ he became father to Kish;+ Kish, in turn, became father to Saul;+ Saul, in turn, became father to Jon′a·than+ and Mal′chi-shu′a+ and A·bin′a·dab+ and Esh·ba′al.+ 40  And the son of Jon′a·than was Mer′ib-ba′al.+ As for Mer′ib-ba′al, he became father to Mi′cah.+ 41  And the sons of Mi′cah were Pi′thon and Mel′ech and Tahr′e·a [and A′haz].*+ 42  As for A′haz, he became father to Ja′rah; Ja′rah, in turn, became father to Al′e·meth and Az′ma·veth and Zim′ri. Zim′ri, in turn, became father to Mo′za. 43  As for Mo′za, he became father to Bin′e·a and Re·pha′iah+ his son, El·e·a′sah his son, A′zel his son. 44  And A′zel had six sons, and these were their names: Az·ri′kam, Bo′che·ru and Ish′ma·el and She·a·ri′ah and O·ba·di′ah and Ha′nan. These were the sons of A′zel.+


“Babylon,” LXXVg; MSy, “Babel.”
Or, “landed property.”
Or, “were Israel.”
“And the Nethinim (temple slaves).” Lit., “and the given ones.” Heb., wehan·Nethi·nim′. Compare Nu 3:9 ftn.
“The son of Bani, of the sons of Perez,” LXXfourmssVg.
“The Shilonites.” Not the inhabitants of Shiloh but the descendants of Judah’s third son, Shelah. See Ge 46:12.
“Leader of.” Heb., neghidh′; Lat., pon′ti·fex.
“Leader.” Heb., na·ghidh′; Lat., dux.
Lit., “founded.”
Lit., “the four winds.”
“To open up,” inserted for sense; LXX reads: “to open up the doors of the temple.”
“And Tahrea and Ahaz,” LXXLVgc; M, “and Tahrea.”