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1 Chronicles 8:1-40

8  As for Benjamin,+ he became father to Be′la+ his firstborn, Ash′bel+ the second and A·har′ah+ the third,  No′hah+ the fourth and Ra′pha the fifth.  And Be′la came to have sons, Ad′dar and Ge′ra+ and A·bi′hud,  and Ab·i·shu′a and Na′a·man and A·ho′ah,  and Ge′ra and She·phu′phan+ and Hu′ram.+  And these were the sons of E′hud. These were the heads of [the houses of] forefathers belonging to the inhabitants of Ge′ba,+ and they proceeded to take them into exile at Man′a·hath.  And Na′a·man and A·hi′jah; and Ge′ra—he was the one that took them into exile, and he became father to Uz′za and A·hi′hud.  As for Sha·ha·ra′im, he became father to [children] in the field+ of Mo′ab after he sent them away. Hu′shim and Ba′a·ra were his wives.  And by Ho′desh his wife he came to be father to Jo′bab and Zib′i·a and Me′sha and Mal′cam, 10  and Je′uz and Sa·chi′a and Mir′mah. These were his sons, heads of [the houses of] forefathers. 11  And by Hu′shim he became father to A·bi′tub and El·pa′al. 12  And the sons of El·pa′al were E′ber and Mi′sham and She′med, who built O′no+ and Lod+ and its dependent towns, 13  and Be·ri′ah and She′ma. These were heads of [the houses of] forefathers, belonging to the inhabitants of Ai′ja·lon.+ These were the ones that chased away the inhabitants of Gath. 14  And [there were] A·hi′o,* Sha′shak and Jer′e·moth, 15  and Zeb·a·di′ah and A′rad and E′der, 16  and Mi′cha·el and Ish′pah and Jo′ha, the sons of Be·ri′ah,+ 17  and Zeb·a·di′ah and Me·shul′lam and Hiz′ki and He′ber, 18  and Ish′me·rai and Iz·li′ah and Jo′bab, the sons of El·pa′al, 19  and Ja′kim and Zich′ri and Zab′di, 20  and E·li·e′nai and Zil′le·thai and E′li·el, 21  and A·dai′ah and Be·ra′iah and Shim′rath, the sons of Shim′e·i,+ 22  and Ish′pan and E′ber and E′li·el, 23  and Ab′don and Zich′ri and Ha′nan, 24  and Han·a·ni′ah and E′lam and An·tho·thi′jah, 25  and Iph·de′iah and Pe·nu′el, the sons of Sha′shak, 26  and Sham′she·rai and She·ha·ri′ah and Ath·a·li′ah, 27  and Ja·a·re·shi′ah and E·li′jah and Zich′ri, the sons of Je·ro′ham. 28  These were heads of [the houses of] forefathers by their descendants, headmen. These were the ones that dwelt in Jerusalem.+ 29  And it was in Gib′e·on+ that the father of Gib′e·on, [Je·i′el,]* dwelt, and his wife’s name was Ma′a·cah.+ 30  And his son, the firstborn, was Ab′don, and Zur and Kish and Ba′al and Na′dab,+ 31  and Ge′dor and A·hi′o and Ze′cher.+ 32  As for Mik′loth, he became father to Shim′e·ah.+ And these really were the ones that dwelt in front of their brothers in Jerusalem along with brothers of theirs. 33  As for Ner,+ he became father to Kish;+ Kish, in turn, became father to Saul;+ Saul, in turn, became father to Jon′a·than*+ and Mal′chi-shu′a+ and A·bin′a·dab+ and Esh·ba′al.+ 34  And Jon′a·than’s son was Mer′ib-ba′al.+ As for Mer′ib-ba′al, he became father to Mi′cah.+ 35  And the sons of Mi′cah were Pi′thon and Mel′ech and Ta·re′a+ and A′haz. 36  As for A′haz, he became father to Je·ho′ad·dah; Je·ho′ad·dah, in turn, became father to Al′e·meth and Az′ma·veth and Zim′ri. Zim′ri, in turn, became father to Mo′za; 37  Mo′za, in turn, became father to Bin′e·a, Ra′phah+ his son, El·e·a′sah his son, A′zel his son. 38  And A′zel had six sons, and these were their names: Az·ri′kam, Bo′che·ru and Ish′ma·el and She·a·ri′ah and O·ba·di′ah and Ha′nan. All these were the sons of A′zel. 39  And the sons of E′shek his brother were U′lam his firstborn, Je′ush the second and E·liph′e·let the third. 40  And the sons of U′lam came to be valiant,+ mighty men, bending the bow,+ and having many sons+ and grandsons, a hundred and fifty. All these were from the sons of Benjamin.


“And [there were] Ahio,” M; LXXA,L, “And their brothers were.”
“The father of Gibeon, Jeiel,” LXXL and 9:35.
“Jonathan.” Heb., Yehoh·na·than′.