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1 Chronicles 7:1-40

7  Now the sons of Is′sa·char were To′la+ and Pu′ah,+ Ja′shub and Shim′ron,+ four.  And the sons of To′la were Uz′zi and Re·pha′iah and Je′ri·el and Jah′mai and Ib′sam and She·mu′el, heads of the house of their forefathers. Of To′la there were valiant, mighty men, by their descendants. Their number in the days of David+ was twenty-two thousand six hundred.  And the sons of Uz′zi were Iz·ra·hi′ah; and the sons of Iz·ra·hi′ah were Mi′cha·el and O·ba·di′ah and Joel, Is·shi′ah,     , five,* all of them being heads.  And with them by their descendants, according to the house of their forefathers, there were troops of the army for war, thirty-six thousand, for they had many* wives and sons.+  And their brothers of all the families of Is′sa·char were valiant, mighty men,+ eighty-seven thousand by the genealogical enrollment of them all.+  [The sons of] Benjamin+ were Be′la+ and Be′cher+ and Je·di′a·el,+ three.  And the sons of Be′la+ were Ez′bon and Uz′zi and Uz′zi·el and Jer′i·moth and I′ri, five, heads of the house of their forefathers, valiant, mighty men; and their genealogical enrollment+ was twenty-two thousand and thirty-four.  And the sons of Be′cher were Ze·mi′rah and Jo′ash and E·li·e′zer and Eli·o·e′nai and Om′ri and Jer′e·moth and A·bi′jah and An′a·thoth and Al′e·meth, all these the sons of Be′cher.  And their genealogical enrollment+ by their descendants as respects the heads of the house of their forefathers, valiant, mighty men, was twenty thousand two hundred. 10  And the sons of Je·di′a·el+ were Bil′han; and the sons of Bil′han were Je′ush and Benjamin and E′hud and Che·na′a·nah and Ze′than and Tar′shish and A·hish′a·har. 11  All these were the sons of Je·di′a·el, according to the heads of their forefathers, valiant, mighty men,+ seventeen thousand two hundred going out to the army for war. 12  And the Shup′pim+ and the Hup′pim+ were the sons of Ir;+ the Hu′shim were the sons of A′her. 13  The sons of Naph′ta·li+ were Jah′zi·el+ and Gu′ni+ and Je′zer and Shal′lum,*+ the sons of Bil′hah.+ 14  The sons of Ma·nas′seh+ were As′ri·el, whom his Syrian concubine bore. (She bore Ma′chir+ the father of Gil′e·ad. 15  And Ma′chir himself took a wife for Hup′pim and for Shup′pim, and the name of his sister was Ma′a·cah.) And the name of the second was Ze·lo′phe·had,+ but Ze·lo′phe·had came to have daughters.+ 16  In time Ma′a·cah, Ma′chir’s wife, bore a son and called his name Pe′resh; and the name of his brother was She′resh; and his sons were U′lam and Re′kem. 17  And the sons of U′lam were Be′dan. These were the sons of Gil′e·ad the son of Ma′chir the son of Ma·nas′seh. 18  And his sister was Ham·mo′le·cheth. She gave birth to Ish′hod and Abi-e′zer+ and Mah′lah. 19  And the sons of She·mi′da came to be A·hi′an and She′chem and Lik′hi and A·ni′am. 20  And the sons of E′phra·im+ were Shu′the·lah+ and Be′red his son and Ta′hath his son and E·le·a′dah his son and Ta′hath his son, 21  and Za′bad his son and Shu′the·lah his son and E′zer and E′le·ad. And the men of Gath+ that were born in the land killed them because they came down to take their livestock. 22  And E′phra·im their father carried on mourning for many days,+ and his brothers kept coming in to comfort him. 23  Afterward he had relations with his wife, so that she became pregnant+ and gave birth to a son. But he called his name* Be·ri′ah, because it was with calamity+ that she happened to be in his house. 24  And his daughter was She′e·rah, and she got to build Beth-ho′ron,+ the lower+ and the upper,+ and Uz′zen-she′e·rah. 25  And there was Re′phah his son, and Re′sheph, and Te′lah his son, and Ta′han his son, 26  La′dan his son, Am·mi′hud his son, E·lish′a·ma his son, 27  Nun*+ his son, Je·hosh′u·a*+ his son. 28  And their possession and their dwelling places were Beth′el+ and its dependent towns and, to the east, Na′a·ran+ and, to the west, Ge′zer+ and its dependent towns, and She′chem+ and its dependent towns clear to Ga′za* and its dependent towns; 29  and by the side of the sons of Ma·nas′seh Beth-she′an+ and its dependent towns, Ta′a·nach+ and its dependent towns, Me·gid′do+ and its dependent towns, Dor+ and its dependent towns. In these the sons of Joseph+ the son of Israel dwelt. 30  The sons of Ash′er+ were Im′nah+ and Ish′vah and Ish′vi+ and Be·ri′ah;+ and Se′rah was their sister. 31  And the sons of Be·ri′ah were He′ber and Mal′chi·el, who was the father of Bir′za·ith. 32  As for He′ber, he became father to Japh′let and Sho′mer and Ho′tham, and to Shu′a their sister. 33  And the sons of Japh′let were Pa′sach and Bim′hal and Ash′vath. These were the sons of Japh′let. 34  And the sons of She′mer* were A′hi and Roh′gah, Je·hub′bah and A′ram. 35  And the sons of He′lem his brother were Zo′phah and Im′na and She′lesh and A′mal. 36  The sons of Zo′phah were Su′ah and Har′ne·pher and Shu′al and Be′ri and Im′rah, 37  Be′zer and Hod and Sham′ma and Shil′shah and Ith′ran and Be·e′ra. 38  And the sons of Je′ther were Je·phun′neh and Pis′pah and A′ra. 39  And the sons of Ul′la were A′rah and Han′ni·el and Ri·zi′a. 40  All these were the sons of Ash′er, heads+ of the house of the forefathers, select, valiant,+ mighty men, heads of the chieftains; and their genealogical enrollment+ was in the army in the war. Their number was twenty-six thousand men.+


“Five,” MLXXVg; Sy, “four.”
Or, “they multiplied.”
“Shallum,” MLXX; LXXL, seven Heb. mss, Ge 46:24 and Nu 26:49, “Shillem.”
“He called his name.” Or, “his name was called.” TSy and four Heb. mss, “she called his name.”
“Nun,” Vg; M, “Non.”
Or, “Joshua.”
“Gaza,” T and many Heb. mss. Not the Gaza in Philistia, which was assigned to Judah.
“Shemer,” LXXB; M, “Shamer”; LXXAVg, “Shomer.”