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1 Chronicles 4:1-43

4  The sons of Judah were Pe′rez,+ Hez′ron+ and Car′mi+ and Hur+ and Sho′bal.+  As for Re·a′iah+ the son of Sho′bal, he became father to Ja′hath; Ja′hath, in turn, became father to A·hu′mai and La′had. These were the families of the Zo′rath·ites.+  And these were [the sons of] the father of E′tam:+ Jez′re·el+ and Ish′ma and Id′bash, (and the name of their sister was Haz·ze·lel·po′ni,)  and Pe·nu′el the father of Ge′dor+ and E′zer the father of Hu′shah. These were the sons of Hur+ the firstborn of Eph′ra·thah the father of Beth′le·hem.+  And Ash′hur+ the father of Te·ko′a+ came to have two wives, He′lah and Na′a·rah.  In time Na′a·rah bore to him A·huz′zam and He′pher and Te′me·ni and Ha·a·hash′ta·ri. These were the sons of Na′a·rah.  And the sons of He′lah were Ze′reth, Iz′har* and Eth′nan.  As for Koz, he became father to A′nub and Zo·be′bah and the families of A·har′hel the son of Ha′rum.  And Ja′bez+ came to be more honorable+ than his brothers; and it was his mother that called his name Ja′bez, saying: “I have given him birth in pain.”+ 10  And Ja′bez began to call upon the God+ of Israel, saying: “If you will without fail bless+ me and actually enlarge my territory+ and your hand+ really proves to be with me, and you really preserve [me] from calamity,+ that it may not hurt me,+—” Accordingly God brought [to pass] what he had asked.+ 11  As for Che′lub* the brother of Shu′hah, he became father to Me′hir, who was the father of Esh′ton. 12  Esh′ton, in turn, became father to Beth-ra′pha and Pa·se′ah and Te·hin′nah the father of Ir-na′hash. These were the men of Re′cah. 13  And the sons of Ke′naz+ were Oth′ni·el+ and Se·rai′ah, and the sons of Oth′ni·el, Ha′thath. 14  As for Me·o′no·thai, he became father to Oph′rah. As for Se·rai′ah, he became father to Jo′ab the father of Ge-har′a·shim;* for craftsmen+ are what they became. 15  And the sons of Ca′leb+ the son of Je·phun′neh+ were I′ru, E′lah and Na′am; and the sons of E′lah, Ke′naz. 16  And the sons of Je·hal′le·lel were Ziph and Zi′phah, Tir′i·a and As′a·rel. 17  And the sons of Ez′rah were Je′ther and Me′red and E′pher and Ja′lon; and she got to conceive Mir′i·am and Sham′mai and Ish′bah the father of Esh·te·mo′a.+ 18  As for his Jewish wife, she gave birth to Je′red the father of Ge′dor and He′ber the father of So′co and Je·ku′thi·el the father of Za·no′ah. And these were the sons of Bi·thi′ah the daughter of Phar′aoh, whom Me′red took. 19  And the sons of Ho·di′ah’s wife, the sister of Na′ham, were the father of Kei′lah+ the Gar′mite and Esh·te·mo′a the Ma·ac′a·thite. 20  And the sons of Shi′mon were Am′non and Rin′nah, Ben-ha′nan and Ti′lon. And the sons of Ish′i were Zo′heth and Ben-zo′heth. 21  The sons of She′lah+ the son of Judah were Er the father of Le′cah and La′a·dah the father of Ma·re′shah and the families of the house of the workers of fine fabric+ of the house of Ash·be′a; 22  and Jo′kim and the men of Co·ze′ba and Jo′ash and Sa′raph, who became owners of Mo′ab·ite wives,*+ and Jash′u·bi-le′hem. And the sayings are of old tradition.+ 23  They were the potters+ and the inhabitants of Ne·ta′im and Ge·de′rah. It was with the king in his work that they dwelt there.+ 24  The sons of Sim′e·on were Nem′u·el+ and Ja′min,+ Ja′rib, Ze′rah, Sha′ul,+ 25  Shal′lum his son, Mib′sam his son, Mish′ma his son. 26  And the sons of Mish′ma were Ham′mu·el his son, Zac′cur his son, Shim′e·i his son. 27  And Shim′e·i had sixteen sons and six daughters; but his brothers did not have many sons, and none of their families had as many as the sons of Judah.+ 28  And they continued to dwell in Be′er-she′ba+ and Mo·la′dah+ and Ha′zar-shu′al+ 29  and in Bil′hah+ and in E′zem+ and in To′lad+ 30  and in Be·thu′el+ and in Hor′mah+ and in Zik′lag+ 31  and in Beth-mar′ca·both and in Ha′zar-su′sim+ and in Beth-bir′i and in Sha′a·ra′im.+ These were their cities down till David reigned. 32  And their settlements were E′tam and A′in, Rim′mon and To′chen and A′shan,+ five cities. 33  And all their settlements that were all around these cities were as far as Ba′al.+ These were their dwelling places and their genealogical enrollments for them. 34  And Me·sho′bab and Jam′lech and Jo′shah the son of Am·a·zi′ah, 35  and Joel and Je′hu the son of Josh·i·bi′ah the son of Se·rai′ah the son of As′i·el, 36  and Eli·o·e′nai and Ja·a·ko′bah and Jesh·o·hai′ah and A·sai′ah and Ad′i·el and Je·sim′i·el and Be·nai′ah, 37  and Zi′za the son of Shi′phi the son of Al′lon the son of Je·da′iah the son of Shim′ri the son of She·mai′ah. 38  These who came in by names were the chieftains among their families,+ and the household itself of their forefathers increased in multitude. 39  And they proceeded to go to the entryway of Ge′dor, clear to the east of the valley, to look for pasturage for their flocks. 40  Eventually they found fat and good pasturage,+ and the land was quite wide* and having no disturbance+ but at ease; for those dwelling there in former times were of Ham.+ 41  And these written down by [their] names proceeded to come in in the days of Hez·e·ki′ah*+ the king of Judah and strike+ down the tents of the Ham′ites* and the Me·u′nim that were to be found there, so that they devoted them to destruction+ down to this day; and they began to dwell in their place, because there was pasturage+ for their flocks there. 42  And from them there were some of the sons of Sim′e·on that went to Mount Se′ir,+ five hundred men, with Pel·a·ti′ah and Ne·a·ri′ah and Re·pha′iah and Uz′zi·el the sons of Ish′i at their head. 43  And they proceeded to strike down the remnant that had escaped of Am′a·lek,+ and they continued to dwell there down to this day.


“Izhar,” MVg; Mmargin, “and Zohar.”
“Chelub,” M; LXXSyVgc, “Caleb.”
Meaning “Valley of Craftsmen.”
Or, “who ruled in Moab.”
Lit., “was wide on both (all) sides,” that is, spacious.
See 2Ki 20:10 ftn.
“The tents of the Hamites,” by a correction; M, “their tents.”