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1 Chronicles 3:1-24

3  And these became the sons of David+ that were born to him in He′bron:+ the firstborn Am′non,+ of A·hin′o·am+ the Jez′re·el·i·tess,+ the second, Daniel, of Ab′i·gail+ the Car′mel·it·ess,+  the third, Ab′sa·lom+ the son of Ma′a·cah+ the daughter of Tal′mai+ the king of Gesh′ur,+ the fourth, Ad·o·ni′jah+ the son of Hag′gith,+  the fifth, Sheph·a·ti′ah, of A·bi′tal,+ the sixth, Ith′re·am, of Eg′lah+ his wife.  There were six born to him in He′bron; and he continued to reign there seven years and six months, and for thirty-three years he reigned in Jerusalem.+  And there were these born to him in Jerusalem:+ Shim′e·a+ and Sho′bab+ and Nathan+ and Sol′o·mon,+ four of Bath-she′ba*+ the daughter of Am′mi·el,+  and Ib′har+ and E·lish′a·ma*+ and E·liph′e·let,+  and No′gah and Ne′pheg and Ja·phi′a,+  and E·lish′a·ma+ and E·li′a·da and E·liph′e·let,+ nine,  all the sons of David besides the sons of the concubines, and Ta′mar+ their sister. 10  And the son of Sol′o·mon was Re·ho·bo′am,+ A·bi′jah+ his son, A′sa+ his son, Je·hosh′a·phat+ his son, 11  Je·ho′ram* his son,+ A·ha·zi′ah+ his son, Je·ho′ash*+ his son, 12  Am·a·zi′ah+ his son, Az·a·ri′ah+ his son, Jo′tham+ his son, 13  A′haz+ his son, Hez·e·ki′ah+ his son, Ma·nas′seh+ his son, 14  A′mon+ his son, Jo·si′ah+ his son. 15  And the sons of Jo·si′ah were the firstborn Jo·ha′nan,* the second, Je·hoi′a·kim,+ the third, Zed·e·ki′ah,+ the fourth, Shal′lum. 16  And the sons of Je·hoi′a·kim were Jec·o·ni′ah+ his son, Zed·e·ki′ah his son. 17  And the sons of Jec·o·ni′ah as prisoner were She·al′ti·el+ his son 18  and Mal·chi′ram and Pe·dai′ah and She·naz′zar, Jek·a·mi′ah, Hosh′a·ma and Ned·a·bi′ah. 19  And the sons of Pe·dai′ah were Ze·rub′ba·bel+ and Shim′e·i; and the sons of Ze·rub′ba·bel were Me·shul′lam and Han·a·ni′ah (and She·lo′mith was their sister); 20  and Ha·shu′bah and O′hel and Ber·e·chi′ah and Has·a·di′ah, Ju′shab-he′sed, five. 21  And the sons of Han·a·ni′ah were Pel·a·ti′ah+ and Je·sha′iah, the sons of [Je·sha′iah] Re·pha′iah, the sons of [Re·pha′iah] Ar′nan, the sons of [Ar′nan] O·ba·di′ah, the sons of [O·ba·di′ah] Shec·a·ni′ah; 22  and the sons of Shec·a·ni′ah, She·mai′ah, and the sons of She·mai′ah, Hat′tush and I′gal and Ba·ri′ah and Ne·a·ri′ah and Sha′phat, six. 23  And the sons of Ne·a·ri′ah were Eli·o·e′nai and Hiz·ki′ah and Az·ri′kam, three. 24  And the sons of Eli·o·e′nai were Hod·a·vi′ah and E·li′a·shib and Pe·la′iah and Ak′kub and Jo·ha′nan and De·la′iah and A·na′ni, seven.


“Bath-sheba,” Vg; M, “Bath-shua.”
“Elishama,” MLXXSyVg; two Heb. mss, 14:5 and 2Sa 5:15, “Elishua.”
“Jehoram,” as in 2Ki 1:17. Lit., “Joram.”
“Jehoash,” as in 2Ki 11:21. Lit., “Joash.”
“Johanan,” MLXXSyVg; LXXL, “Joahaz.”