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1 Chronicles 26:1-32

26  For the divisions of gatekeepers:+ Of the Ko′rah·ites,+ Me·shel·e·mi′ah+ the son of Ko′re of the sons of A′saph.  And Me·shel·e·mi′ah had sons: Zech·a·ri′ah the firstborn, Je·di′a·el the second, Zeb·a·di′ah the third, Jath′ni·el the fourth,  E′lam the fifth, Je·ho·ha′nan* the sixth, El′ie·ho-e′nai the seventh.  And O′bed-e′dom+ had sons: She·mai′ah the firstborn, Je·hoz′a·bad the second, Jo′ah the third and Sa′car the fourth and Ne·than′el the fifth,  Am′mi·el the sixth, Is′sa·char the seventh, Pe·ul′le·thai the eighth; for God had blessed him.+  And to She·mai′ah his son there were sons born that were rulers of the house of their father, for they were capable, mighty men.  The sons of She·mai′ah, Oth′ni and Reph′a·el and O′bed, El·za′bad, whose brothers were capable men, E·li′hu and Sem·a·chi′ah.  All these were of the sons of O′bed-e′dom, they and their sons and their brothers, capable men with the power for the service, sixty-two belonging to O′bed-e′dom.  And Me·shel·e·mi′ah+ had sons and brothers, capable men, eighteen. 10  And Ho′sah of the sons of Me·rar′i had sons. Shim′ri was the head, for he did not happen to be the firstborn+ but his father appointed him as head;+ 11  Hil·ki′ah the second, Teb·a·li′ah the third, Zech·a·ri′ah the fourth. All the sons and brothers of Ho′sah were thirteen. 12  Of these divisions of the gatekeepers, the headmen had duties exactly as their brothers did,+ to minister at the house of Jehovah. 13  So they cast lots+ for the small the same as for the great by their paternal houses,+ for the different gates. 14  Then the lot to the east fell to Shel·e·mi′ah.+ For Zech·a·ri′ah+ his son, a counselor+ with discretion, they cast the lots, and his lot got to come out to the north.+ 15  O′bed-e′dom had his to the south, and his sons+ had the storehouses.+ 16  Shup′pim and Ho′sah+ had theirs to the west close by the Gate Shal′lech·eth by the highway that goes up, guard group+ corresponding with guard group;+ 17  to the east there were six Levites; to the north for a day, four; to the south for a day,+ four; and for the stores,+ two by two; 18  for the portico to the west, four at the highway,+ two at the portico. 19  These were the divisions of the gatekeepers of the sons of the Ko′rah·ites+ and of the sons of Me·rar′i.+ 20  As regards the Levites, A·hi′jah was over the treasures+ of the house of the [true] God and over the treasures of the things made holy.+ 21  The sons of La′dan,+ the sons of the Ger′shon·ite belonging to La′dan; the heads of the paternal houses belonging to La′dan the Ger′shon·ite, Je·hi′e·li.+ 22  The sons of Je·hi′e·li, Ze′tham and Joel+ his brother, were over the treasures+ of the house of Jehovah. 23  For the Am′ram·ites, for the Iz′har·ites, for the He′bron·ites, for the Uz·zi′el·ites,+ 24  even Sheb′u·el*+ the son of Ger′shom the son of Moses was a leader over the stores. 25  As regards his brothers, of E·li·e′zer+ there was Re·ha·bi′ah+ his son and Je·sha′iah his son and Jo′ram his son and Zich′ri his son and She·lo′moth his son. 26  This She·lo′moth and his brothers were over all the treasures of the things made holy,+ that David+ the king and the heads of the paternal houses,+ and the chiefs of the thousands and of the hundreds, and the chiefs of the army had made holy. 27  From the wars+ and from the spoil+ they had made [things] holy to maintain the house of Jehovah. 28  And also all that Samuel the seer+ and Saul the son of Kish and Ab′ner+ the son of Ner and Jo′ab+ the son of Ze·ru′iah+ had made holy. What anyone made holy* was under the control of She·lo′mith* and his brothers. 29  Of the Iz′har·ites,+ Chen·a·ni′ah and his sons were for the outside+ business as officers and as judges+ over Israel. 30  Of the He′bron·ites,+ Hash·a·bi′ah and his brothers, capable men,+ a thousand seven hundred, were over the administration of Israel in the region of the Jordan to the west for all the work of Jehovah and for the king’s service. 31  Of the He′bron·ites, Je·ri′jah+ was the head of the He′bron·ites by its generations by forefathers. In the fortieth+ year of David’s kingship they were sought out, and valiant, mighty men came to be found among them in Ja′zer+ in Gil′e·ad.+ 32  And his brothers, capable men,+ were two thousand seven hundred, heads of the paternal houses.+ So David the king assigned them over the Reu′ben·ites and the Gad′ites and the half tribe of the Ma·nas′sites,+ for every matter of the [true] God and matter+ of the king.


Meaning “Jehovah Has Shown Favor; Jehovah Has Been Gracious.” Heb., Yehoh·cha·nan′. Compare Joh Title ftn.
“Shubael,” LXXVgc. Compare 23:16 ftn.
Lit., “Everything anyone was sanctifying.”
“Shelomith,” MVgc; LXX, “Shelomoth.”