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1 Chronicles 2:1-55

2  These were the sons of Israel:+ Reu′ben,+ Sim′e·on,+ Le′vi+ and Judah,+ Is′sa·char+ and Zeb′u·lun,+  Dan,+ Joseph+ and Benjamin,+ Naph′ta·li,+ Gad+ and Ash′er.+  The sons of Judah were Er+ and O′nan+ and She′lah.+ The three were born to him from Shu′a’s daughter, the Ca′naan·it·ess. And Er the firstborn of Judah came to be bad in the eyes of Jehovah, so that he put him to death.+  And Ta′mar+ his daughter-in-law it was that bore to him Pe′rez+ and Ze′rah. All the sons of Judah were five.  The sons of Pe′rez were Hez′ron and Ha′mul.+  And the sons of Ze′rah+ were Zim′ri and E′than and He′man and Cal′col and Da′ra.+ There were five of them in all.  And the sons of Car′mi+ were A′char* the bringer of ostracism* upon Israel,+ who committed an act of unfaithfulness respecting the thing devoted to destruction.+  And the sons of E′than+ were Az·a·ri′ah.  And the sons of Hez′ron+ that were born to him were Je·rah′me·el+ and Ram+ and Che·lu′bai.* 10  As for Ram, he became father to Am·min′a·dab.+ Am·min′a·dab, in turn, became father to Nah′shon+ the chieftain of the sons of Judah. 11  Nah′shon, in turn, became father to Sal′ma.+ Sal′ma, in turn, became father to Bo′az.+ 12  Bo′az, in turn, became father to O′bed.+ O′bed, in turn, became father to Jes′se.+ 13  Jes′se, in turn, became father to his firstborn E·li′ab,+ and A·bin′a·dab+ the second, and Shim′e·a+ the third, 14  Ne·than′el the fourth, Rad′dai the fifth, 15  O′zem the sixth, David+ the seventh. 16  And their sisters were Ze·ru′iah and Ab′i·gail;+ and the sons of Ze·ru′iah were A·bish′ai+ and Jo′ab+ and As′a·hel,+ three. 17  As for Ab′i·gail, she gave birth to A·ma′sa;+ and the father of A·ma′sa was Je′ther+ the Ish′ma·el·ite. 18  As for Ca′leb* the son of Hez′ron,+ he became father to sons by A·zu′bah his wife and by Jer′i·oth; and these were her sons: Je′sher and Sho′bab and Ar′don. 19  Eventually A·zu′bah died. So Ca′leb took to himself Eph′rath,+ who in time bore Hur+ to him. 20  Hur, in turn, became father to U′ri.+ U′ri, in turn, became father to Bez′al·el.+ 21  And afterward Hez′ron had relations with the daughter of Ma′chir+ the father of Gil′e·ad.+ And he himself took her when he was sixty years old, but she bore Se′gub to him. 22  Se′gub, in turn, became father to Ja′ir,+ who came to have twenty-three cities+ in the land of Gil′e·ad. 23  Later Gesh′ur+ and Syria+ took Hav′voth-ja′ir+ from them, with Ke′nath+ and its dependent towns,* sixty cities. All these were the sons of Ma′chir the father of Gil′e·ad. 24  And after the death of Hez′ron+ in Ca′leb-eph′ra·thah, with A·bi′jah being the wife of Hez′ron, she then bore him Ash′hur the father of Te·ko′a.+ 25  And the sons of Je·rah′me·el+ the firstborn of Hez′ron were Ram+ the firstborn and Bu′nah and O′ren and O′zem, A·hi′jah.* 26  And Je·rah′me·el came to have another wife, whose name was At′a·rah. She was the mother of O′nam. 27  And the sons of Ram+ the firstborn of Je·rah′me·el came to be Ma′az and Ja′min and E′ker. 28  And the sons of O′nam+ came to be Sham′mai and Ja′da. And the sons of Sham′mai were Na′dab and A·bi′shur. 29  And the name of A·bi′shur’s wife was Ab′i·ha·il, who in time bore him Ah′ban and Mo′lid. 30  And the sons of Na′dab+ were Se′led and Ap′pa·im. But Se′led died without sons. 31  And the sons of Ap′pa·im were Ish′i. And the sons of Ish′i were She′shan;+ and the sons of She′shan, Ah′lai. 32  And the sons of Ja′da the brother of Sham′mai were Je′ther and Jon′a·than. But Je′ther died without sons. 33  And the sons of Jon′a·than were Pe′leth and Za′za. These became the sons of Je·rah′me·el. 34  And She′shan+ came to have no sons, but daughters. Now She′shan had an Egyptian servant+ whose name was Jar′ha. 35  So She′shan gave his daughter to Jar′ha his servant as a wife, who in time bore him At′tai. 36  At′tai, in turn, became father to Nathan. Nathan, in turn, became father to Za′bad.+ 37  Za′bad, in turn, became father to Eph′lal. Eph′lal, in turn, became father to O′bed. 38  O′bed, in turn, became father to Je′hu. Je′hu, in turn, became father to Az·a·ri′ah. 39  Az·a·ri′ah, in turn, became father to He′lez. He′lez, in turn, became father to El·e·a′sah. 40  El·e·a′sah, in turn, became father to Sis′mai. Sis′mai, in turn, became father to Shal′lum. 41  Shal′lum, in turn, became father to Jek·a·mi′ah. Jek·a·mi′ah, in turn, became father to E·lish′a·ma. 42  And the sons of Ca′leb*+ the brother of Je·rah′me·el were Me′sha his firstborn, who was the father of Ziph, and the sons of Ma·re′shah the father of He′bron. 43  And the sons of He′bron were Ko′rah and Tap′pu·ah and Re′kem and She′ma. 44  She′ma, in turn, became father to Ra′ham the father of Jor′ke·am. Re′kem, in turn, became father to Sham′mai. 45  And the son of Sham′mai was Ma′on; and Ma′on was the father of Beth-zur.+ 46  As for E′phah the concubine of Ca′leb, she gave birth to Ha′ran and Mo′za and Ga′zez. As for Ha′ran, he became father to Ga′zez. 47  And the sons of Jah′dai were Re′gem and Jo′tham and Ge′shan and Pel′et and E′phah and Sha′aph. 48  As for Ca′leb’s concubine Ma′a·cah, she gave birth to She′ber and Tir′ha·nah. 49  In time she bore Sha′aph the father of Mad·man′nah,+ She′va the father of Mach·be′nah and the father of Gib′e·a.+ And Ca′leb’s+ daughter was Ach′sah.+ 50  These became the sons of Ca′leb. The sons of Hur+ the firstborn of Eph′ra·thah:+ Sho′bal+ the father of Kir′i·ath-je′a·rim,+ 51  Sal′ma the father of Beth′le·hem,+ Ha′reph the father of Beth-ga′der. 52  And Sho′bal+ the father of Kir′i·ath-je′a·rim came to have sons: Ha·ro′eh, half of the Me·nu′hoth. 53  And the families of Kir′i·ath-je′a·rim were the Ith′rites+ and the Pu′thites and the Shu′math·ites and the Mish′ra·ites. It was from these that the Zo′rath·ites+ and the Esh′ta·ol·ites+ came out. 54  The sons of Sal′ma were Beth′le·hem+ and the Ne·toph′a·thites,+ At′roth-beth-jo′ab and half of the Man·a·ha′thites, the Zor′ites. 55  And the families of the scribes dwelling at Ja′bez+ were the Ti′rath·ites, the Shim′e·ath·ites, the Su′cath·ites. These were the Ken′ites+ that came from Ham′math the father of the house of Re′chab.+


Meaning “Trouble; Troubler.” Heb., ʽA·khar′; in Jos 7:1, 18, “Achan.”
Or, “the bringer of trouble.” Heb., ʽoh·kher′, in a play on words against ʽA·khar′, the man’s name.
“Caleb” in vss 18, 19, 42.
“Chelubai” in vs 9.
Lit., “and her daughters.”
“Ozem, Ahijah,” M; LXX, “Asom his brother”; Vg, “Asom and Achia.”
“Chelubai” in vs 9.