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1 Chronicles 15:1-29

15  And he continued building houses+ for himself in the City of David; and he went on to prepare a place+ for the ark of the [true] God and pitch a tent for it.  It was then that David said: “No one is to carry the ark of the [true] God but the Levites, for they are the ones whom Jehovah has chosen to carry the ark of Jehovah*+ and to minister+ to him to time indefinite.”  Then David congregated all Israel at Jerusalem+ to bring the ark+ of Jehovah up to its place that he had prepared for it.  And David proceeded to gather the sons of Aaron+ and the Levites;  of the sons of Ko′hath, U·ri′el+ the chief and his brothers, a hundred and twenty;  of the sons of Me·rar′i,+ A·sai′ah+ the chief and his brothers, two hundred and twenty;  of the sons of Ger′shom,+ Joel+ the chief and his brothers, a hundred and thirty;  of the sons of E·li·za′phan,+ She·mai′ah+ the chief and his brothers, two hundred;  of the sons of He′bron, E′li·el the chief and his brothers, eighty; 10  of the sons of Uz′zi·el,+ Am·min′a·dab the chief and his brothers, a hundred and twelve. 11  Furthermore, David called Za′dok+ and A·bi′a·thar+ the priests, and the Levites U·ri′el,+ A·sai′ah+ and Joel,+ She·mai′ah+ and E′li·el+ and Am·min′a·dab, 12  and he went on to say to them: “YOU are the heads+ of the fathers of the Levites. Sanctify+ yourselves, YOU and YOUR brothers, and YOU must bring the ark of Jehovah the God of Israel up to the place that* I have prepared for it. 13  Because at the first time YOU did not,+ Jehovah our God broke through against us,+ for we did not search after him according to the custom.”+ 14  So the priests and the Levites sanctified+ themselves to bring up the ark of Jehovah the God of Israel. 15  Then the sons of the Levites began to carry+ the ark of the [true] God, just as Moses had commanded by Jehovah’s word, upon their shoulders with the rods upon them.+ 16  David now said to the chiefs of the Levites to station their brothers the singers+ with the instruments of song,+ stringed instruments+ and harps+ and cymbals,+ playing aloud to cause a sound of rejoicing to arise. 17  Accordingly the Levites stationed He′man+ the son of Joel and, of his brothers, A′saph+ the son of Ber·e·chi′ah; and, of the sons of Me·rar′i their brothers, E′than+ the son of Kush·a′iah; 18  and with them their brothers of the second division,+ Zech·a·ri′ah,+ Ben and Ja·a′zi·el and She·mir′a·moth and Je·hi′el and Un′ni, E·li′ab and Be·nai′ah and Ma·a·sei′ah and Mat·ti·thi′ah and E·liph′e·le·hu and Mik·ne′iah, and O′bed-e′dom+ and Je·i′el the gatekeepers, 19  and the singers He′man,+ A′saph+ and E′than, with the copper cymbals to play aloud;+ 20  and Zech·a·ri′ah and A′zi·el+ and She·mir′a·moth and Je·hi′el and Un′ni and E·li′ab and Ma·a·sei′ah and Be·nai′ah with stringed instruments tuned to Al′a·moth,*+ 21  and Mat·ti·thi′ah+ and E·liph′e·le·hu and Mik·ne′iah and O′bed-e′dom and Je·i′el and Az·a·zi′ah with harps+ tuned to Shem′i·nith,*+ to act as directors; 22  and Chen·a·ni′ah+ the chief of the Levites in carrying, he giving instruction* in carrying, for he was expert;+ 23  and Ber·e·chi′ah and El·ka′nah the gatekeepers+ for the Ark; 24  and Sheb·a·ni′ah and Josh′a·phat and Ne·than′el and A·ma′sai and Zech·a·ri′ah and Be·nai′ah and E·li·e′zer the priests loudly sounding the trumpets+ before the ark of the [true] God, and O′bed-e′dom and Je·hi′ah the gatekeepers for the Ark. 25  And David+ and the older men of Israel+ and the chiefs+ of the thousands came to be the ones walking along to bring up the ark of the covenant of Jehovah from the house of O′bed-e′dom+ with rejoicing.+ 26  And it came about when the [true] God helped+ the Levites while carrying the ark of the covenant of Jehovah that they proceeded to sacrifice seven young bulls and seven rams.+ 27  And David was dressed in a sleeveless coat of fine fabric, and also all the Levites carrying the Ark and the singers and Chen·a·ni′ah+ the chief of the carrying by the singers;+ but upon David there was an eph′od+ of linen. 28  And all the Israelites were bringing up the ark of the covenant of Jehovah with joyful shouting+ and with the sounding of the horn+ and with trumpets+ and with cymbals,+ playing aloud on stringed instruments and harps.+ 29  And it came about that, when the ark of the covenant+ of Jehovah came as far as the City of David, Mi′chal,+ Saul’s daughter, herself looked down through the window and got to see King David skipping about and celebrating;+ and she began to despise+ him in her heart.


“Jehovah,” Al, Leningrad B 19A and many mss.
“The place that,” TVg and four Heb. mss; M omits.
“Alamoth,” an unexplained musical term. Lit., “young women.” Probably referring to the soprano voices of young women or the falsetto of boys.
“Sheminith.” Lit., “the eighth.” Possibly referring to the eighth key or a lower octave.
“He giving instruction.” In Heb. this is a verb in the infinitive absolute, indefinite as to time and impersonal.