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1 Chronicles 14:1-17

14  And Hi′ram+ the king of Tyre+ proceeded to send messengers to David and cedar timbers+ and builders of walls and workers in wood to build him a house.+  And David came to know that Jehovah had firmly established+ him as king over Israel, for his kingship was highly exalted on account of his people Israel.+  And David went on to take more wives+ in Jerusalem, and David came to be father to more sons and daughters.+  And these are the names of the children that became his in Jerusalem: Sham·mu′a+ and Sho′bab,+ Nathan+ and Sol′o·mon,+  and Ib′har+ and E·li′shu·a and El′pe·let,+  and No′gah and Ne′pheg+ and Ja·phi′a,  and E·lish′a·ma+ and Be·e·li′a·da and E·liph′e·let.+  And the Phi·lis′tines got to hear that David had been anointed as king over all Israel.+ At that all the Phi·lis′tines came up to look for David.+ When David heard of it, then he went out against them.*  And the Phi·lis′tines, for their part, came in and kept making raids in the low plain of Reph′a·im.+ 10  And David began to inquire of God,+ saying: “Shall I go up against the Phi·lis′tines, and will you certainly give them into my hand?” At this Jehovah said to him: “Go up, and I shall certainly give them into your hand.” 11  So David went up to Ba′al-pe·ra′zim+ and there got to strike them down. At that David said: “The [true] God has broken through my enemies by my hand like a gap made by waters.” That is why they called the name of that place+ Ba′al-pe·ra′zim. 12  Consequently they left their gods* there.+ Then David said [the word], and so they were burned in the fire.+ 13  Later the Phi·lis′tines once again made a raid in the low plain.+ 14  At that David inquired+ again of God, and the [true] God now said to him: “You must not go up after them. Go around from directly against them, and you must come at them in front of the ba′ca bushes.*+ 15  And let it occur that, when you hear the sound of the marching in the tops of the ba′ca bushes,+ then you go out into the fight,+ because the [true] God will have gone out before you+ to strike the camp of the Phi·lis′tines down.” 16  So David did just as the [true] God had commanded him,+ and they went striking down the camp of the Phi·lis′tines from Gib′e·on+ to Ge′zer.+ 17  And David’s fame*+ began to go out into all the lands, and Jehovah himself put the dread of him upon all the nations.+


Lit., “in front of them.” Compare Ge 10:9 ftn, “Opposition to.”
“Their gods,” M(Heb., ʼelo·heh·hem′)LXXVg.
“The baca bushes.” Heb., hab·bekha·ʼim′; LXXVg, “pear trees.”
Lit., “name.”