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1 Chronicles 1:1-54

1  Adam,+ Seth,+ E′nosh,+   Ke′nan,+ Ma·hal′a·lel,+ Ja′red,+   E′noch,+ Me·thu′se·lah,+ La′mech,+   Noah,+ Shem,+ Ham+ and Ja′pheth.+  The sons of Ja′pheth were Go′mer and Ma′gog+ and Ma′da·i+ and Ja′van+ and Tu′bal and Me′shech+ and Ti′ras.+  And the sons of Go′mer were Ash′ke·naz+ and Ri′phath*+ and To·gar′mah.+  And the sons of Ja′van were E·li′shah+ and Tar′shish,*+ Kit′tim+ and Ro′da·nim.*+  The sons of Ham were Cush+ and Miz′ra·im,+ Put+ and Ca′naan.+  And the sons of Cush were Se′ba+ and Hav′i·lah and Sab′tah+ and Ra′a·mah+ and Sab′te·ca.+ And the sons of Ra′a·mah were She′ba and De′dan.+ 10  And Cush himself became father to Nim′rod.+ He it was that made the start in becoming a mighty one in the earth.+ 11  As for Miz′ra·im, he became father to Lu′dim+ and An′a·mim and Le·ha′bim and Naph·tu′him+ 12  and Path·ru′sim+ and Cas·lu′him+ (from among whom the Phi·lis′tines+ went forth) and Caph′to·rim.+ 13  As for Ca′naan, he became father to Si′don+ his firstborn and Heth+ 14  and the Jeb′u·site+ and the Am′or·ite+ and the Gir′ga·shite+ 15  and the Hi′vite+ and the Ark′ite and the Si′nite+ 16  and the Ar′vad·ite+ and the Zem′a·rite+ and the Ha′math·ite.+ 17  The sons of Shem+ were E′lam+ and As′shur+ and Ar·pach′shad+ and Lud+ and A′ram, And Uz* and Hul and Ge′ther and Mash.*+ 18  As for Ar·pach′shad, he became father to She′lah,+ and She′lah himself became father to E′ber.+ 19  And to E′ber two sons were born. The name of the one was Pe′leg,*+ because in his days the earth* was divided; and the name of his brother was Jok′tan. 20  As for Jok′tan, he became father to Al·mo′dad and She′leph and Ha·zar·ma′veth and Je′rah+ 21  and Ha·do′ram and U′zal and Dik′lah+ 22  and O′bal* and A·bim′a·el and She′ba+ 23  and O′phir+ and Hav′i·lah+ and Jo′bab;+ all these were the sons of Jok′tan. 24  Shem,+ Ar·pach′shad,+ She′lah,+ 25  E′ber,+ Pe′leg,+ Re′u,+ 26  Se′rug,+ Na′hor,+ Te′rah,+ 27  A′bram,+ that is to say, Abraham.+ 28  The sons of Abraham were Isaac+ and Ish′ma·el.+ 29  These are their family origins: Ish′ma·el’s firstborn Ne·ba′ioth+ and Ke′dar+ and Ad′be·el and Mib′sam,+ 30  Mish′ma and Du′mah,+ Mas′sa, Ha′dad+ and Te′ma, 31  Je′tur, Na′phish and Ked′e·mah.+ These were the sons of Ish′ma·el. 32  As for the sons of Ke·tu′rah,+ Abraham’s concubine,+ she gave birth to Zim′ran and Jok′shan and Me′dan+ and Mid′i·an+ and Ish′bak+ and Shu′ah.+ And the sons of Jok′shan were She′ba and De′dan.+ 33  And the sons of Mid′i·an were E′phah+ and E′pher and Ha′noch and A·bi′da and El·da′ah.+ All these were the sons of Ke·tu′rah. 34  And Abraham came to be father to Isaac.+ The sons of Isaac were E′sau+ and Israel.+ 35  The sons of E′sau were El′i·phaz, Reu′el+ and Je′ush and Ja′lam and Ko′rah.+ 36  The sons of El′i·phaz were Te′man+ and O′mar, Ze′pho* and Ga′tam, Ke′naz+ and Tim′na+ and Am′a·lek.+ 37  The sons of Reu′el were Na′hath, Ze′rah, Sham′mah and Miz′zah.+ 38  And the sons of Se′ir+ were Lo′tan and Sho′bal and Zib′e·on and A′nah+ and Di′shon and E′zer and Di′shan.+ 39  And the sons of Lo′tan were Ho′ri and Ho′mam.* And Lo′tan’s sister was Tim′na.+ 40  The sons of Sho′bal were Al′van* and Man′a·hath and E′bal, She′pho* and O′nam.+ And the sons of Zib′e·on were A′iah and A′nah.+ 41  The sons of A′nah were Di′shon.+ And the sons of Di′shon were Hem′dan* and Esh′ban and Ith′ran and Che′ran.+ 42  The sons of E′zer+ were Bil′han and Za′a·van and A′kan.*+ The sons of Di′shan* were Uz and A′ran.+ 43  And these are the kings that reigned in the land of E′dom+ before any king+ reigned over the sons of Israel: Be′la the son of Be′or, the name of whose city was Din′ha·bah.+ 44  Eventually Be′la died, and Jo′bab the son of Ze′rah+ from Boz′rah+ began to reign in place of him. 45  Eventually Jo′bab died, and Hu′sham+ from the land of the Te′man·ites+ began to reign in place of him. 46  Eventually Hu′sham died, and Ha′dad+ the son of Be′dad, who defeated Mid′i·an+ in the field of Mo′ab, began to reign in place of him. And the name of his city was A′vith.+ 47  Eventually Ha′dad died, and Sam′lah from Mas·re′kah+ began to reign in place of him. 48  Eventually Sam′lah died, and Sha′ul from Re·ho′both+ by the River began to reign in place of him. 49  Eventually Sha′ul died, and Ba′al-ha′nan the son of Ach′bor+ began to reign in place of him. 50  Eventually Ba′al-ha′nan died, and Ha′dad* began to reign in place of him; and the name of his city was Pa′u,* and the name of his wife was Me·het′a·bel, the daughter of Ma′tred, the daughter of Me′za·hab.+ 51  Eventually Ha′dad died. And the sheiks of E′dom came to be sheik Tim′na, sheik Al′vah,* sheik Je′theth,+ 52  sheik O·hol·i·ba′mah, sheik E′lah, sheik Pi′non,+ 53  sheik Ke′naz, sheik Te′man, sheik Mib′zar,+ 54  sheik Mag′di·el, sheik I′ram.+ These were the sheiks+ of E′dom.


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Meaning “Division; Stream.”
Or, “earth’s population.”
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