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Cookies and Similar Technologies Used on WWW.JW.ORG

Cookies and Similar Technologies Used on WWW.JW.ORG

There are various types of cookies that perform different functions and generally improve your experience on the website. Below are examples of our use of cookies and similar technologies.

Name of Cookie(s)


Duration a



Used to collect information about how a person uses the site. This information is used to compile reports and improve the site. Information is collected in an anonymous form, and includes the type of browser and device a person is using, where he is visiting from, how many times he has visited the site or used a feature, and how long he interacts with specific features of the site.

Indefinite (local storage)



Allows a person to be directed automatically to the site language he previously selected for

1 year



Allows a person to continue using a feature that he used on a previous visit to the site.

Indefinite (local storage)



Used to collect anonymous browser information that is essential to maintaining the security and operation of the site.

Indefinite (local storage)

Strictly Necessary

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a When duration is defined as “Indefinite (local storage)”, this indicates that the data is stored in the browser’s storage engine rather than as a cookie. Data stored in this way is retained indefinitely unless the user clears the storage on his browser.