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Use the JW.ORG Skill for Amazon Alexa

Use the JW.ORG Skill for Amazon Alexa

Play selected content from on an Alexa-enabled device using the skill for Amazon Alexa.

Setting Up Your Device

Use the manufacturer’s instructions supplied with your Alexa-enabled device to connect it to the Internet and set it up for use.

To enable the skill:

  1. Go to

  2. Sign in to the Amazon account that your Alexa device is registered to.

  3. Click the “Enable” button.

Supported Devices

The skill works on Alexa-enabled devices and apps from Amazon such as those listed below. Other devices may be compatible, but we are unable to guarantee support for every available device.

  • Echo Dot

  • Echo Spot

  • Echo Show

  • The Alexa app on iOS or Android devices

Using the JW.ORG Skill

Your command must include the skill name either before or after the description of what you want to play. For example:

  • “Alexa, play original songs from”

  • “Alexa, ask to play original songs”

Alexa plays the audio version of the content you ask for. Below are some examples of what you can ask Alexa to play.

Note: Some of the words are optional, and these are shown in square brackets. For example, you can say, “Alexa, read the daily text [for today] from” In this case, the words “for today” are optional, since Alexa reads the daily text for today if you do not request a different day.

You can also ask Alexa to play content in other languages. See the heading “ Play Content in a Different Language.”


Alexa plays recordings of the 2013 edition of the New World Translation if they are available. Otherwise, it plays recordings of the 1984 edition.

  • “Alexa, play Genesis from”

    (play the entire Bible book starting with chapter 1)

  • “Alexa, play Matthew chapter 5 from”

    (play the Bible book starting with the specified chapter)

  • “Alexa, play Romans chapter 15, verse 4, from”

    (play starting with the specified verse. Note: Starting to read from a specific verse is supported for the 2013 edition of the New World Translation only.)


When you ask Alexa to play a music collection, it plays the songs in random order until you tell Alexa to stop.

  • “Alexa, play music from”

    (play a variety of music)

  • “Alexa, play original songs from”

    (play original songs)

  • “Alexa, play children’s songs from”

    (play Become Jehovah’s Friend songs and Kingdom songs sung by children)

  • “Alexa, play Kingdom songs from”

    (play instrumental and vocal arrangements of Kingdom songs)

  • “Alexa, play Song 38 from”

    (play the meeting arrangement of the song)


Alexa can play the assigned Bible reading, the Watchtower study article, or the Congregation Bible Study material from last week, this week, or next week. In each case, the week begins on Monday.

  • “Alexa, read this week’s Bible reading from” or “Alexa, read the Bible reading for this week from”

    (play all Bible chapters assigned for this week’s midweek meeting)

  • “Alexa, read last week’s Bible reading from”

    (play all Bible chapters assigned for last week’s midweek meeting)

  • “Alexa, read next week’s Bible reading from”

    (play all Bible chapters assigned for next week’s midweek meeting)

  • “Alexa, read this week’s Watchtower Study from”

    (play the study article for this week)

  • “Alexa, read this week’s Congregation Bible Study from”

    (play the material assigned to be studied at this week’s midweek meeting)

Additional Features

  • “Alexa, read the daily text [for today] from”

    (Alexa reads today’s text and comments from Examining the Scriptures Daily)

  • “Alexa, read the daily text for tomorrow (or yesterday/next Wednesday/December 1) from”

    (Alexa reads the text for the specific day)

  • “Alexa, play the latest morning worship from”

    (play the most recently released Morning Worship program)

  • “Alexa, play Morning Worship [programs] from”

    (play Morning Worship programs in random order)

  • “Alexa, play dramas from”

    (play audio dramas in random order)

  • “Alexa, play dramatic Bible readings from”

    (play dramatic Bible readings in random order)

  • “Alexa, play the [monthly] broadcast from”

     (play the audio of the latest monthly broadcast)

  • “Alexa, play the [monthly] broadcast for January 2019 from”

    (play the audio of the monthly broadcast for the requested month)

Play Content in a Different Language

You can play audio content in a different language if the content is available in that language on

For example:

  • “Alexa, read this week’s Watchtower Study in Russian from”

  • “Alexa, read this week’s Congregation Bible Study in Tagalog from”

  • “Alexa, play original songs in Korean from”

  • “Alexa, play the latest morning worship in Hindi from”

Please note these limitations:

  • You cannot request the daily text in a different language, since it is read by Alexa and Alexa can read only in the language of your device.

  • The skill follows the midweek meeting schedule used in English and other major languages. In some cases, congregations in other languages may use a different publication for the Congregation Bible Study.

Playback Control

You can control playback by giving commands such as the following:

  • “Alexa, pause” or “Alexa, stop”

    (stop playback until you ask Alexa to resume)

  • “Alexa, resume”

    (resume playing the last content that was stopped, whether from or another source)

  • “Alexa, next” or “Alexa, skip”

    (stop playing the current track, and play the next available one)

  • “Alexa, previous”

    (stop playing the current track, and repeat the one that played immediately before the current one)

  • “Alexa, repeat” or “Alexa, restart”

    (restart playing the current track from the beginning)

  • “Alexa, loop”

    (if a single track was requested, play that track repeatedly; if a collection was requested, play that collection repeatedly)

  • “Alexa, loop off”

    (complete the track or collection currently playing and then stop)