Most sign-language content is in video format. Some sign languages have translated a portion of, including the home page. Other sign languages do not yet have the site translated, but they do have video books, magazines, and other publications available in the PUBLICATIONS section.

Use one of the following options to find sign-language content:

 Select a Sign Language

  • Method 1: Click the Language Picker to display a complete list of the languages available on

  • Check the Display Sign Languages Only box to limit the language list to sign languages only.

    Alternatively, type the name of the sign language in the text box. The list is limited to languages that match what you type.

  • Method 2: Click the “Watch Sign-Language Videos” link on the home page. Select a sign language from the list.

If the site has been translated into the sign language you selected, it becomes your site language.

A sign-language site is easily recognizable because each menu option includes an icon. Each icon is a visual representation of a section of the site.

In the PUBLICATIONS section, some of the menu options use terms that are different from those used in a spoken language. For example, on sign-language sites the MUSIC option is called SONGS.

Use the menus to navigate to the content you are looking for. Play or download the sign-language videos.

Go to the PUBLICATIONS Section


Select the desired sign language from the drop-down list. Since there are hundreds of languages in the list, you may find it helpful to click the drop-down list, then start typing the language name. The list is limited to languages that match what you type.

If the sign language you selected has only a few publications, all of them display on the FEATURED ITEMS page. However, for sign languages with many publications, only some of the available items are displayed on the FEATURED ITEMS page. Go to the publication-type pages (for example, BIBLE, MAGAZINES, BOOKS & BROCHURES) to show the sign-language items of those types that are available.

Use the JW Library Sign Language App

The JW Library Sign Language app is a good option if:

  •   you use sign-language videos frequently.

  • you would benefit from having these videos available on a mobile device when you are not connected to the Internet.

  • the app is available for the sign language you use.

For more details, go to the JW Library Sign Language help page.