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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Start Using JW Library​—iOS

Start Using JW Library​—iOS

Welcome to JW Library. This app is designed for reading and studying the Bible. You can access the main features of the app by tapping the buttons in the tab bar at the bottom of the screen.


The Bible tab allows you to read and install Bible translations. Tap a Bible book and then a chapter number to begin reading. As you read, you can also see footnotes, marginal references, and parallel translations in the Study pane.

 To look up a different scripture, tap the Bible tab again to return to the list of Bible books.


The Publications tab allows you to see text, audio, and video publications. Tap a publication and then an article to begin reading. As you read, you can also look up cited scriptures. Tap a Bible citation to see the verse in the Study pane. Tap a link in the Study pane to go to the verse in the Bible.

 To open a different publication, tap the Publications tab to return to the list of publications.

Daily Text

Tap the Daily Text tab to see today’s text.


Tap the Meetings tab to see publications for the current meeting.


Tap Online for links to our official websites.

 Get the Latest Features

Make sure you have the latest JW Library features by keeping your device up to date.

It is good to run the latest version of iOS that is available for your device. See the following link for more information:

For your convenience, you can turn on automatic app updates in your device settings. See the following link for more information: