The Settings screen allows you to personalize

Click or press the Settings icon. Follow the steps below to update your settings:

Note: These settings apply only to the internet browser or mobile device on which you set them. If you clear your browser’s cache, the settings may revert to their default values.

 Select Your Preferred Video Resolution

  • Click or press the button with your preferred video resolution.

  • Click or press Save to save your settings.

What do these numbers mean? The numbers in this list refer to the video frame height, which indicates the video resolution or quality. A higher number represents a higher video resolution, which requires a faster internet connection.

The following table explains each video resolution:




Lowest quality. Works well on small mobile device screens.


Low quality. Works well on small mobile device screens.


Standard definition. Works well on tablets, computer monitors, and standard definition TV screens.


High definition (HD). Works well on a computer monitor with a screen resolution of at least 1024x768, or an HDTV with a 1280x720 resolution.


Highest quality (HD). Works well on a computer monitor with a vertical resolution of at least 1080 pixels, or an HDTV with a 1920x1080 resolution.

Why change the video resolution? If your internet connection is slow, and you find that the video playback often pauses or is jerky, it may be better to use a lower-resolution video. Set the resolution to the highest number that works well on your computer or device. You may also choose a lower setting if you need to save money on internet data.

How is this setting used? TV.JW.ORG will not try to stream to your computer or device at a higher resolution than the one you specify here. (See Watch Streaming Content on

If you choose the Automatic setting, will select the best video resolution based on the screen size of your computer or device.

 Enable or Disable Video Subtitles

Some of the video programs can be played with subtitles. These subtitles are in the same language as the audio track of the video.

  • If you would like to see these subtitles, check the Display Subtitles When Available box.

  • Uncheck the box if you no longer wish to see subtitles.

  • Click or press Save to save your settings.

Note: This setting applies to all videos that have subtitles, whether you view them in the Streaming or Video on Demand sections.

 Select Your Preferred Streaming Channel

By default, the system remembers the last streaming channel you viewed and takes you to that same channel the next time you choose Streaming.

However, it may be that you would like a particular channel to display each time you choose Streaming on a particular device. For example, if you are a parent, you may want a tablet used by your young children to go straight to the Children channel.

  • To start with the same Streaming channel every time, go to Settings and select the channel name.

  • To go back to the default setting, select Start with my last selected channel.

  • Click or press Save to save your settings.