Find content on using the Search feature.

Click the Search icon to display the Search window.

In the Search box, enter words that identify the video, song, or audio program you are trying to find. For example, enter part of the title or the name of the main person or event featured in the program. As you type, matching programs display. Click the picture or title of the program you were looking for.

To search for an exact phrase in the program title, type the phrase in quotation marks.

The search results contain both audio and video content. To filter down the results, click the Video button to show only videos or the Audio button to show only audio programs.

The search results include the top 24 items that match what you have typed. The total number of matching results is indicated (for example, “Showing 24 of 28”).

If you do not see the item you are looking for, enter more specific search words. For example, if you are looking for a particular monthly broadcast and entered “broadcast” as your search term, add the name of the month and year, the name of the brother hosting the program, or the main topic covered that month.