The Streaming section is similar to television in that it contains a number of channels with programmed content. If you want to control playback (that is, to watch a video from the beginning and be able to pause, rewind, or fast forward), go to the Video on Demand section.

(Note: Your remote may not look the same as the diagrams used in this tutorial.)

Follow these instructions to get the most from JW Broadcasting’s streaming content on Amazon Fire TV:

 Watch a Streaming Channel

Select Streaming from the home screen to load the list of channels.

Press Up or Down on your Amazon Fire TV remote to navigate through the list of channels. The left side of the screen displays the schedule of videos that will be played on the highlighted channel. Press the Select button to select the highlighted channel.

 Select a Different Channel

To select a different channel while you are watching a streaming channel:

  • Press the Back button to return to the list of channels.

  • Press Up or Down to navigate through the channel list.

  • Press the Select button to select a channel.