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APRIL 30, 2015

Jehovah’s Witnesses Announce 2015 Convention Series to Begin in May

NEW YORK—Jehovah’s Witnesses begin their 2015 convention series in the United States on May 22. The 2015 “Imitate Jesus!” Regional Conventions will continue worldwide through January 2016. For each convention venue, local Witnesses will launch a three-week campaign to invite the public to attend the program free of charge.

“This year’s convention theme recognizes Jesus Christ as a universally known figure and a positive role model for people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures,” states J. R. Brown, spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses at their world headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. “We believe that the public will enjoy the fresh presentation of significant events in Jesus’ life. This year’s program promises an interactive approach, incorporating meaningful and exciting video features that will show how we can benefit from imitating Jesus in our everyday lives.”

Exact dates and locations of the 2015 “Imitate Jesus!” Regional Conventions can be found on the Witnesses’ official website, Journalists may contact the nearest branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses for more information, including the name of a local media contact for reporters planning to cover the convention.

Media Contact(s):

International: J. R. Brown, Office of Public Information, tel. +1 718 560 5000