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MARCH 2, 2018

Flooding Hits Central United States

During the month of February 2018, heavy rains combined with melting snow led to flooding in central United States. Our brothers and sisters in parts of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee are among the many that have been affected by the floods.

The United States Branch reports that 20 publishers in eight different circuits have been displaced from their homes. Sadly, one sister in Indiana was killed in the heavy rains preceding the flooding. A total of 57 homes of our brothers have been damaged.

The circuit overseers in these areas are providing comfort to all the publishers who have been impacted by this disaster. We continue to keep all of our affected brothers and sisters in our prayers, knowing that Jehovah will care for all of their anxieties.—1 Peter 5:7.

Media Contact:

David A. Semonian, Office of Public Information, +1-845-524-3000