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DECEMBER 6, 2013

Cyclone Cleopatra Floods Sardinia, Italy

Cyclone Cleopatra Floods Sardinia, Italy

Cyclone Cleopatra, a violent storm that ravaged the Mediterranean island of Sardinia on November 18, 2013, claimed at least 16 lives and left hundreds homeless. Heavy rain generated floods that caused bridges to collapse and swept away cars. The Italy branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses reported that among the victims was an 83-year-old female Witness. There were also 4 Witness families who lost their possessions when the floods severely damaged their homes, and an additional 11 families were forced to abandon their residences. In cooperation with local authorities, over 120 Witnesses traveled to the flooded region, bringing food and assisting fellow Witnesses and neighbors with the cleanup effort.

Media Contact(s):

International: J. R. Brown, Office of Public Information, tel. +1 718 560 5000

Italy: Stefano Papazian, tel. +39 06 87294260