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APRIL 29, 2013

Floods in Argentina

Floods in Argentina

Catastrophic flash floods inundated the cities of Buenos Aires and La Plata on April 2, 2013. Media sources report that 57 people have died. Approximately 500 Jehovah’s Witnesses were affected by the floods, and some 200 were evacuated from their homes. As part of their disaster relief efforts, Witnesses throughout Argentina sent 8,000 gallons of drinking water, 30 tons of food, and hundreds of mattresses, blankets, and pillows that benefited both Witnesses and non-Witnesses. Hundreds of Witnesses volunteered to help with the relief work. Some even traveled as far as 300 miles to assist with cleanup and repairs.

Media Contacts:

International: J. R. Brown, Office of Public Information, tel. +1 718 560 5000

Argentina: Ángel Mattiacci, tel. +54 15 5424 9071