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JULY 10, 2023

Book of Matthew Released in Zambian Sign Language

Book of Matthew Released in Zambian Sign Language

On July 1, 2023, Brother Ian Jefferson, a member of the Zambia Branch Committee, released the Bible book of Matthew in Zambian Sign Language (ZAS) during a special program held at an Assembly Hall in Lusaka, Zambia. A total of 922 people attended the event. This is the first Bible book ever to be released in this language. It is now available for download on and in the JW Library Sign Language app.

Translators in the recording studio

The first ZAS congregation was formed in March 2008. In 2012, a translation team was established at the branch office in Lusaka. Today, nearly 500 publishers serve in 16 ZAS congregations and 11 groups throughout the country.

In the release talk, Brother Jefferson read Matthew 18:22 to illustrate the value of this translation’s simple and clear language. He noted that this verse consists of 18 words in the English translation. A literal translation of those words would be difficult for ZAS users to comprehend. However, the same thought is expressed using just two signs in ZAS. He stated: “Such a concise and simple translation makes it easier for viewers to follow, comprehend, and benefit from God’s Word.”

The release of the book of Matthew in ZAS gives further evidence that Jehovah is “bringing salvation to all sorts of people.”—Titus 2:11.