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Two publishers participating in the public ministry in Ukraine

JULY 18, 2022

UPDATE #11 | Brotherly Love Prevails Amid Ongoing Crisis in Ukraine

“Doing What Is Fine” in a War-Torn Land

UPDATE #11 | Brotherly Love Prevails Amid Ongoing Crisis in Ukraine

Throughout Ukraine, the return to the public ministry has brought joy and positive results. Circuit overseers and local elders report that many people respond favorably to the return of our literature carts and even comment that they missed the presence of Jehovah’s Witnesses in their neighborhoods.

Tatiana from the Serhiivka Congregation in the Odesa Region decided to visit those whom she had contacted before the pandemic. She explains, “From the very start, I saw Jehovah’s blessing on our efforts to resume the ministry.” On one occasion, she visited a woman who had declined a Bible study before the pandemic. This time, the woman was eager to discuss spiritual topics and readily agreed to a Bible study. Tatiana concludes, “I need to visit all of my former return visits and offer a Bible study to each one of them!”

Yevheniy and Lilia are displaced publishers, originally from Mariupol. They had to flee their home and now live in a safer area of Ukraine. They are both regularly involved in the preaching work. They explain that the ministry has helped them to shift their thoughts away from their problems. They said: “We knew our life would not be the same again. It is very difficult to start life anew, but we remember that Jehovah’s hand is not short. We have his spirit, and our brothers are ready to help us start a new life in a new place.”

In other areas of the country, our brothers are also giving a witness by their good works. For example, a group of brothers in the city of Mykolaiv helped an international humanitarian relief organization to repair and arrange a warehouse used for civilian aid. The brothers fixed the water system, prepared shelves, and sorted several tons of goods. When a representative of the humanitarian organization inspected the work, she was moved to tears. She said, “I did not expect to see such a result.”

Although our fellow worshippers in Ukraine face challenging times, they feel the joy that results from staying active in the ministry and from “doing what is fine.”—Galatians 6:9.

As of July 13, 2022, the following totals have been reported from Ukraine. These statistics are based on confirmed reports from the local brothers. However, the actual numbers may be higher, since it is difficult to maintain communication with all regions of the country.

Effect on Our Brothers and Sisters

  • 42 publishers have died

  • 97 publishers have been injured

  • 28,683 publishers are currently displaced

  • 524 homes were destroyed

  • 588 homes sustained major damage

  • 1,554 homes sustained minor damage

  • 5 Kingdom Halls were destroyed

  • 10 Kingdom Halls sustained major damage

  • 36 Kingdom Halls sustained minor damage

Relief Efforts

  • 27 Disaster Relief Committees (DRCs) are operating in Ukraine

  • 52,947 individuals were assisted directly by the DRCs to find safer accommodations

  • 23,863 publishers have fled to other countries and are being assisted by fellow worshippers