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SEPTEMBER 25, 2023

Romany (Romania)-Speaking Witnesses From Across Europe Gather for First In-Person Convention

Romany (Romania)-Speaking Witnesses From Across Europe Gather for First In-Person Convention

From September 1 to 3, 2023, Romany (Romania)-speaking brothers and sisters gathered to enjoy the 2023 “Exercise Patience”! Regional Convention. While conventions have been held in other Romany languages, this was the first in-person convention held in Romany (Romania). In total, 1,353 people from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Moldova, and Romania attended the program at the Assembly Hall in Turda, Romania. Twenty-six were baptized.

Brother Gage Fleegle delivers the concluding talk of the convention

Brother Gage Fleegle, a member of the Governing Body, presented the concluding talk of each day of the convention. Brother Fleegle highlighted the special unity that only God’s people enjoy today and encouraged those present to continue serving Jehovah patiently and unitedly. In addition to those who attended the Romany (Romania)-language convention, nearly 900 attendees at two other conventions held in Romanian and Romanian Sign Language tied in for the concluding talk each day via videoconference.

Romany (Romania)-speaking brothers warmly greet one another at the Assembly Hall in Turda, Romania

One Romany (Romania)-speaking brother commented: “This is something we will never forget! What an extraordinary blessing from Jehovah to have a regional convention program in our language!” Iraklis Exarcheas, a Romany (Romania)-speaking circuit overseer, remarked: “I am confident that this convention touched the minds and hearts of the many Romany (Romania)-speaking people who attended. The program made it clear just how much God cares for all people. What a wonderful gift from Jehovah!”

We rejoice with our Romany (Romania)-speaking brothers and sisters who gathered together to praise Jehovah and to be educated by him at this convention.—Psalm 26:12.