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JULY 20, 2020

Relief Efforts in Romania Aid Our Brothers and Draw Praise From Mayor

Relief Efforts in Romania Aid Our Brothers and Draw Praise From Mayor

In June 2020, the Rodna commune in Transylvania, Romania, experienced heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding. As a result, six of our brothers’ homes were damaged. On June 27, 2020, the circuit overseer in Rodna, collaborating with local elders, arranged for 25 brothers and sisters from three neighboring congregations to assist with urgent relief aid. a Our brothers’ relief efforts were observed by the mayor of Rodna, who commended them in the local media.

The Rodna commune is situated in a valley with many rivers. The floodwaters brought heavy river deposits, making the town nearly inaccessible. The home of one of our sisters was in an area where the mayor of Rodna and his team had difficulty clearing the mud and debris. When our brothers arrived, they helped to clear the area in order to clean the sister’s home. As a result, their work also aided the authorities’ relief efforts.

Later, the mayor praised the brothers during an interview held on a local television station. He stated: “I would like to mention an extraordinary example that touched me deeply. . . . On the first day, we worked with a dump truck and a backhoe, but we were not able to finish the work—the region was devastated. The next day, we were helped . . . by more than 30 [people], volunteers who are Jehovah’s Witnesses. By evening, we managed to finish the work.” He concluded: “These people helped put things back together in that region. I thank them all!”

The mayor also posted on a website a message addressed to the brothers. He stated: “May Jehovah from above bless you all and give you a long life, health, and many accomplishments!”

This experience from Romania is yet another example of how our fine conduct brings glory to our heavenly Father, Jehovah.—1 Peter 2:12.

a Although most reconstruction is on hold because of the pandemic, these homes required immediate attention.