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JUNE 22, 2021

Jehovah’s Witnesses Release New World Translation in Bicol

Jehovah’s Witnesses Release New World Translation in Bicol

On June 20, 2021, the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures was released in digital format in the Bicol language. Brother Denton Hopkinson, a member of the Philippines Branch Committee, released the Bible during a special virtual meeting that was streamed to publishers in 97 congregations.

Project Highlights

  • Bicol is spoken by about 5.8 million people who live primarily in 5 provinces of the Philippines: Albay, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Catanduanes, and Sorsogon

  • It is the fifth most widely spoken language in the Philippines

  • Over 5,800 publishers serve in Bicol-language congregations

  • It took 2 translation teams 7.5 years to complete the project

A member of the translation team explained: “Since Bicol has a number of different dialects, a special effort was made to use vocabulary that is understood by the majority of people in the Bicol-speaking region.”

Another translator said: “We are confident that this version with clear, modern language will make it easier for readers to grasp the meaning of Bible texts.”

In the Philippines, the complete revised version of the New World Translation is available in six other native languages: Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Iloko, Pangasinan, Tagalog, and Waray-Waray.

We rejoice with our Bicol-speaking brothers and sisters over this recent release. We are confident that this Bible will help more people to praise Jehovah and to “enjoy life forever.”—Psalm 22:26.