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AUGUST 12, 2019

Utrecht, Netherlands—2019 “Love Never Fails”! International Convention

Utrecht, Netherlands—2019 “Love Never Fails”! International Convention
  • Dates: August 2-4, 2019

  • Location: Jaarbeurs Hallencomplex, Utrecht, Netherlands

  • Program Languages: Arabic, Dutch, Dutch Sign Language, English, Papiamento, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Twi

  • Peak Attendance: 42,335

  • Total Number Baptized: 212

  • Number of International Delegates: 6,000

  • Invited Branches: Australasia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Indonesia, Korea, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Suriname, United States

  • Local Experiences: A brother employed by a cleaning company contracted by the Jaarbeurs Hallencomplex received the following phone call from his operations manager: “We now have a group here doing everything agreed to—on time—tidying the building and arranging their own cleaning to keep things spotless. They will probably return the building in better shape than when we handed it over to them. Really incredible! I have never seen anything like this. They even cleaned parts of the restaurant not in use now! The restrooms constantly have two people on standby; and if anything happens somewhere, in no time, people turn up to resolve it! I have never experienced this before.”


Local brothers and sisters at the airport welcoming the delegates

Bethelites greeting the delegates for their tour of the Netherlands branch

A delegate accompanying a local sister in the invitation work

Brothers and sisters enjoying the program in the main auditorium of the Jaarbeurs Hallencomplex. There were five annexes tied in

Several of the 212 new brothers and sisters getting baptized

Brothers and sisters paying attention and taking notes during the session

International delegates exchanging gifts

Brother Geoffrey Jackson, a member of the Governing Body, delivering the final talk on Sunday

Missionaries and other special full-time servants waving to all in attendance at the conclusion of the convention