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JULY 12, 2018

Flooding Devastates Western Japan

Flooding Devastates Western Japan

At least 169 people have been killed in western Japan, and more than 255,000 households are still without water after torrential rains caused destructive flooding and landslides.

Although none of Jehovah’s Witnesses were killed in this disaster, 200 were evacuated and one sister was injured. The injured sister was treated at a hospital and is now recovering. At least 103 homes of our brothers were damaged, and one was completely destroyed. Also, 11 Kingdom Halls and an Assembly Hall were damaged by the floodwaters.

Four Disaster Relief Committees (DRCs) have been formed to provide comfort and Scriptural encouragement to the affected brothers and sisters, as well as immediate practical help, which includes supplying food, clothing, and clean water. The DRCs will also organize long-term relief efforts, which will involve cleaning, disinfecting, and repairing the damaged homes of our brothers.

We pray for our brothers and sisters affected by this disaster in Japan as we look forward to the time when Jesus will use his power to rid the earth of all disasters permanently.—Matthew 8:26, 27.


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