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JANUARY 4, 2024

Strong Earthquake Shakes Noto Peninsula in Japan

Strong Earthquake Shakes Noto Peninsula in Japan

On January 1, 2024, a magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck the Noto Peninsula in central Japan’s Ishikawa Prefecture. The earthquake and its subsequent aftershocks resulted in extensive damage to homes and roadways in the area. More than 33,000 people have been evacuated. Some 400 people have been injured, and 78 have been killed.

Effect on Our Brothers and Sisters

  • None of our brothers or sisters were killed

  • 1 brother suffered a minor injury

  • More than 150 brothers and sisters were evacuated

  • 2 homes were destroyed

  • 7 homes sustained major damage

  • More than 100 homes sustained minor damage

  • 1 Kingdom Hall sustained major damage

  • 8 Kingdom Halls sustained minor damage

Relief Efforts

  • A Disaster Relief Committee has been assigned to coordinate relief efforts

  • Representatives from the Japan branch were sent to the affected area to encourage our brothers. Also, circuit overseers and local elders are caring for the spiritual and practical needs of those affected

We are confident that Jehovah is proving to be a “secure refuge” for our brothers and sisters in Japan, providing them with much-needed comfort and strength during this challenging time.—Psalm 18:2.