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Emilia in Switzerland

APRIL 15, 2020

Young Witnesses Become Resourceful Evangelizers During Pandemic

Young Witnesses Become Resourceful Evangelizers During Pandemic

Our young people around the world are showing determination to keep up a good spiritual routine by finding ways to preach and encourage fellow worshippers during the coronavirus pandemic.

In New Zealand, communities have been placing toys, teddy bears, and pictures in windows for children to see while taking walks in the neighborhood. Seeing an opportunity to preach, young people in various congregations are making signs depicting Caleb and Sophia that read “Watch me on”

Caleb and Sophia displayed in the window in New Zealand

Emilia, a nine-year-old in Switzerland who has a weakened immune system, wrote to residents of an assisted-living facility where visiting is now restricted. Emilia included in the letters a drawing of Noah and the ark. She explained that Noah and his family were also once isolated, but their isolation kept them safe. She encouraged residents to “stay inside, like Noah.” Once the pandemic is over, Emilia wants to visit the residents in person.

Emilia’s letters drew positive responses, and she was able to write follow-up letters to some. A local reporter heard about Emilia and featured her in a newspaper article.

The Kempf family in Canada

Peyton and Ella Kempf, two young sisters living in Ontario, Canada, are staying connected with the congregation during the pandemic. Their father, Jared, explains: “During family worship, our children helped make a list of everyone we wanted to connect with.” Their mother, Jessica, adds: “We want to teach the girls that it is important to make sure that our brothers and sisters as well as our family and friends really know that they are not forgotten.”

Stella in the United States

Similarly, in Colorado, U.S.A., nine-year-old Stella and her mother focused on contacting older brothers and sisters in their congregation. They made a list and contacted each one by phone.

Two brothers, Jonathan and Sean McKampson, ages 12 and 15, serve along with their parents in a Chinese-language congregation in Arizona. They keep up their ministry by writing letters in Chinese every morning before school. Because they are still learning the language, it requires a lot of time and effort to complete the letters. But they are determined to share the Bible’s message with Chinese-speaking people.

Jonathan and Sean in the United States

Six children, ranging in age from 2 to 15, had been regularly visiting a nursing home in western Michigan with their mother and a pioneer sister. However, because of the coronavirus pandemic, authorities suspended visits to the nursing home. Now, the parents send recordings of the children singing Kingdom songs or reading scriptures to the residents of the nursing home. The facility’s recreational therapist told the children’s father that one of the videos calmed one resident who had been depressed after watching news reports of coronavirus-related deaths.

We are confident that Jehovah cherishes the efforts of these young ones as they show neighborly love and praise Him with their resourceful ministry.—Psalm 148:12, 13.