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APRIL 20, 2020

Making Electronic Donations in View of COVID-19 Precautions

Making Electronic Donations in View of COVID-19 Precautions

Our brothers and sisters in many lands have been adapting their spiritual activities in the wake of the global health crisis. In many cases, attending meetings in person at a Kingdom Hall has temporarily been replaced with virtual meetings using videoconferencing apps. Because of this, many have also adjusted the way they support the worldwide preaching work by making their donations online.

Jehovah’s Witnesses in over 112 lands can use to contribute electronically, such as by using a debit or credit card.

Because most publishers can no longer donate at their local Kingdom Hall, a number have set up a recurring donation on Sister Susan Cohen, a 74-year-old publisher from the United States, uses the recurring donation feature. She says: “It is so easy; if I can do it, anybody can do it. It makes me so happy to know my donation is taken care of.”

Brother Eduardo Paiva from Brazil previously considered the use of as just a supplement to making donations in person. He states: “Recently, I realized that it is a perfect way to continue supporting the worldwide work in times of emergency and difficulties. We can use this way to keep expressing our gratitude and love in these last days.”

Brother Gajus Glockentin, who oversees the Treasurer’s Office at the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Warwick, New York, says: “It is faith-strengthening to see the desire of the brothers to support Kingdom interests. We do not take these contributions for granted. We are continuously examining our global operations to see where we can reduce costs so that we can make the best use of these dedicated funds. While some have needed to reduce the amount they contribute, their willingness to support Jehovah’s organization has not been reduced.”—2 Corinthians 9:7.