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MARCH 21, 2023

A Decade of JW.ORG—Part 3

Supporting the Ministry

A Decade of JW.ORG—Part 3

The previous articles in this series reported on how has been used to release our digital publications and videos as well as to provide accurate news reports regarding our global brotherhood. This final article in the series will examine how has been used to support the worldwide preaching work.

Languages: When the redesigned website was released in August 2012, the home page was available in 139 languages. By August 2014, the year of the tract campaign to advertise the website, the number had grown to over 500 languages. Notably, this included 22 sign languages. Today, content on the website is available in over 1,070 languages, including over 100 sign languages.

Timely Articles: In October 2019, the home page was redesigned to feature a lead article with a large, eye-catching image and three feature articles. This design more effectively highlights information on the website related to the ministry. Later, the Writing and Art departments organized an accelerated process for creating these lead articles and images to ensure that the home page remains timely and addresses current events. For example, the home page has featured articles about the global COVID-19 pandemic as well as the war between Russia and Ukraine and the ensuing refugee crisis.

Online Presence: The website provides an online presence that allows interested ones to find accurate information about our organization and our work. It also provides a way for people to contact Jehovah’s Witnesses if they want to learn more. One deaf woman studied the Bible with Jehovah’s Witnesses when she was in middle school but lost contact with them when she moved. She wanted to resume her study but had not yet been visited at her new home. She remembered the website and requested a visit using the online form. Within only a few days, two special pioneers knocked on her door. She not only resumed her study but also began attending meetings. She is now baptized and is teaching her three children about Jehovah. She says: “I thank Jehovah for the website because if I had not been able to fill out the online form, I would have had to wait until I randomly bumped into a Witness.”

As the preaching work continues to speed up, it is encouraging to know that Jehovah’s organization will continue to provide effective tools to support the growth in the ministry.—Isaiah 60:22.

  • Videos downloaded each month

  • Daily visitors each month

  • Release of official logo, March 2013

  • Website available in sign languages, July 2014

  • Home page redesigned to focus on the public, October 2019

  • Release of Enjoy Life Forever! book announced, January 2021