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The new Bible educational center in Cabreúva, Brazil. Inset top: Students participating in a classroom discussion

DECEMBER 20, 2023

New Bible Educational Center Opens in Brazil

New Bible Educational Center Opens in Brazil

On December 3, 2023, Brother Eduardo Martines, a member of the Brazil Branch Committee, delivered the dedication talk at a local Assembly Hall for a new Bible educational center in Cabreúva, Brazil. More than 2,400 brothers and sisters attended the dedication program in person, and over 4,900 were tied in via videoconference.

Left: Brother Eduardo Martines delivering the dedication talk. Top right: Attendees enjoying the program. Bottom right: Long-time instructors being interviewed during the program

This new Bible educational center will primarily host the School for Kingdom Evangelizers and the School for Circuit Overseers and Their Wives. The facility can accommodate three classes simultaneously and nearly 600 students each year.

An instructor leading a discussion with students

In 2020, our brothers purchased a hotel and began converting it into a Bible educational center. While taking necessary precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic, volunteers converted the building into 3 classrooms, 54 residential rooms, a dining room, and office space. Shortly after construction was completed, arrangements were made to hold an open house. The purpose of this event was to familiarize those living in the area, including local officials, with Jehovah’s Witnesses and our Bible educational work. One official who toured the facility remarked: “The work you have done here is so beautiful and of such high quality. When we do something for God, this is how it should be done.”

Left: The lobby of the new educational center. Right: Student accommodations at the facility

Brother Rogério Braganholo, who assisted with the renovation, stated: “Jehovah’s guidance was apparent throughout the project. Seeing his blessing on our efforts highlighted the truthfulness of the words found at Psalm 127:1: ‘Unless Jehovah builds the house, it is in vain that its builders work hard on it.’”

We rejoice at the opening of this new Bible educational center that will help many more of our brothers and sisters in Brazil to enhance their skills in the “art of teaching.”—Titus 1:9.