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Refugees within the Lóvua refugee camp attend the Tshiluba-language circuit assembly program

SEPTEMBER 12, 2019

Assemblies Held in Angola Refugee Camp in Lingala and Tshiluba Languages

Assemblies Held in Angola Refugee Camp in Lingala and Tshiluba Languages

On May 25 and 26, 2019, the “Be Strong!” circuit assembly program in the Lingala and Tshiluba languages was held within the Lóvua refugee camp. This camp is 1,022 kilometers (635 mi) from Angola’s capital, Luanda. At the time of the program, there were 177 publishers and their families living in the Lóvua camp. Yet, some 380 people attended the Lingala-language program with 3 baptized, and 630 people attended the Tshiluba-language program with 6 baptized.

Most of the brothers who fled to Lóvua did so because of violent unrest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Our brothers in Lóvua are unable to attend spiritual events in other cities, due to camp travel restrictions. Therefore, the branch arranged to hold the assemblies within the camp and also constructed two temporary Kingdom Halls. These Kingdom Halls accommodate four congregations—three Tshiluba and one Lingala.

On May 24, 2019, the circuit overseer and a branch representative traveled to the Lóvua camp to help set up the sound and stage equipment. Despite our brothers’ challenges as refugees, they contributed tarpaulins, poles, rope, nails, and other needed materials.

After the program, Honoré Lontongo, a ministerial servant in one of the Tshiluba congregations in the refugee camp, commented: “Seeing the assemblies held here inside the refugee camp, despite the difficult conditions, makes us feel Jehovah’s love not only for us as a group but for us as individuals. I am so happy!”

We will continue to pray for our brothers who are displaced because of this world’s political unrest. We know that Jehovah will continue to provide spiritual food and support no matter where they are.—Romans 8:38, 39.


Brothers building the stage and preparing the sound equipment

Six baptism candidates standing to answer the baptismal questions at the Tshiluba-language circuit assembly

Lingala-speaking brothers and sisters walking to a river two kilometers (1.2 mi) from the refugee camp to observe the baptism

Brother Johannes De Jager, a member of the Angola Branch Committee, with Lingala-speaking brothers and sisters after the assembly