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OCTOBER 18, 2023

Books of Matthew and Acts Released in Angolan Sign Language

Books of Matthew and Acts Released in Angolan Sign Language

At a special program held on September 23, 2023, Brother Johannes De Jager, a member of the Angola Branch Committee, announced the release of the Bible books of Matthew and Acts of Apostles in Angolan Sign Language (LAS). Some 1,881 attended the program at an Assembly Hall in Luanda, Angola. The newly released Bible books were immediately available for download on and in the JW Library Sign Language app.

It is estimated that nearly 360,000 deaf people live in Angola. The first LAS congregation was formed in 2010. Today, over 1,000 publishers are serving in 37 LAS congregations, 7 groups, and one pregroup throughout Angola.

This is the first time that any books of the Bible have been translated into LAS. After viewing the book of Acts, one brother said: “The dynamic translation of Acts 8:26-30, when Philip runs to catch up with the Ethiopian official, helps me to better understand why I need to keep exerting myself in the ministry.”

We are confident that the release of these two Bible books in LAS will aid many more to experience Jehovah’s love as ‘his face shines upon them.’—Numbers 6:25.