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Who Are Jehovah’s Witnesses?

An overview of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Europe, including a brief explanation of their core beliefs.

Benefits of Publications of Jehovah’s Witnesses

The religious literature produced by Jehovah’s Witnesses promotes understanding of the Bible and its practical benefits.

Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Community

Jehovah’s Witnesses are socially integrated, attentive to the needs of the community in which they live, and respectful of the right of others to adhere to their personal beliefs.

Jehovah’s Witnesses and Their Public Ministry

Jehovah’s Witnesses cherish their right to freedom of expression. In exercising this right, they share the Bible’s message of good news with their neighbors.

Family Life

Jehovah’s Witnesses highly regard family life and strive to apply Bible principles in a way that benefits each family member. They value the right to educate their children in their religious beliefs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to ten frequently asked questions about Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Medical Care

Jehovah’s Witnesses seek nonblood medical management for their health-care needs. In exercising their right to bodily self-determination, they want the best medical treatment for themselves and their children.

Conscientious Objection to Military Service

International law recognizes conscientious objection to military service as a fundamental right. Jehovah’s Witnesses are grateful when governments show respect for their neutral political stand by providing alternative civilian service or by exempting them from military service.

Political Neutrality

Jehovah’s Witnesses are law-abiding citizens who subject themselves to governmental authorities while remaining neutral in political affairs.

Recognition in the European Union

An overview of the legal status of Jehovah’s Witnesses in European Union countries.

Assembling Together for Worship

Jehovah’s Witnesses appreciate the right to freedom of assembly and association. Their religious services feature Bible education and are open to the public.

“Jehovah’s Witnesses of Moscow v. Russia”

A summary of the European Court of Human Rights judgment in favor of the Moscow Community of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Scripturally Based Position on Child Protection

The welfare of children is of utmost concern to Jehovah’s Witnesses. This document provides an explanation of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ response to allegations of child abuse.