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Legal Developments and Human Rights


“Best Court Decision of the Year”

The Gwangju Appellate Court decided “not guilty” for three young men who refused military service. The nation is waiting on the highest court to render its decision.


National Human Rights Commission Urges Respect for Freedom of Conscience

South Korea’s National Human Rights Commission urged the government to protect the fundamental right of conscientious objection to military service.


Russia’s Decade-Long Attack on Religious Freedom Intensifies

The Witnesses will ask the Moscow City Court to strike down the warning against their Administrative Center, the Witnesses’ national headquarters outside St. Petersburg.


South Korea’s Constitutional Court Soon to Release Significant Decision

The Court’s decision on conscientious objectors, if positive, will strengthen the right of freedom of conscience and religion for all South Korea’s citizens.


Interference With Worship Continues in Eastern Regions of Ukraine

Armed groups continue to forcibly take Kingdom Halls. Despite the challenges, the Witnesses persist in meeting together for worship with fellow believers.


Caught on Camera: Russian Authorities’ Blatant Actions to Fabricate Evidence

Russian authorities in Nezlobnaya fabricate evidence against Jehovah’s Witnesses to justify charges of extremism.


Will Bahram Hemdemov Be Released With the Next Amnesty?

Witnesses are hopeful that Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov will release Bahram when he next grants amnesty.