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Legal Developments and Human Rights


Russia’s Supreme Court Confirms Earlier Ruling to Criminalize Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Supreme Court of Russia rejected the Witnesses’ appeal and upheld its April 20 decision. Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia will appeal for justice to the ECHR and the UN Human Rights Committee.


Kazakhstan Suspends Activity of Witnesses’ National Headquarters

A court in Almaty, Kazakhstan, has suspended all activity of the Christian Center of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Kazakhstan for three months.


Will Turkmenistan Implement the UN Human Rights Committee Decisions?

Turkmenistan’s government is called upon to honor its commitments to protect human rights, including freedom of thought, conscience, and religion.


Russia’s Supreme Court Ruling Has Negative Impact on Jehovah’s Witnesses

The decision vilifies the Witnesses and has emboldened some individuals and government officials to inflict further harm, as exemplified by recent incidents.


South Korea Court Acknowledges Human Rights Concerns of Conscientious Objectors

The court ruled that the Military Manpower Administration Office must suspend the disclosure of personal information identifying conscientious objectors on its website.


‘I Long to See the Unjust Ban Lifted’

Decades ago, Jehovah’s Witnesses enjoyed freedom of religion in Egypt. Since then, as highlighted in an online news article, Witnesses in Egypt have proved their good character despite years of adversity.


Russia’s Supreme Court to Hear Appeal by Jehovah’s Witnesses on July 17, 2017

The appeal requests a full reversal of the ruling. It emphasizes that the ruling is not based on factual evidence and that the Witnesses are not guilty of any extremist activity.


Kazakhstan Tramples on Religious Freedom and Convicts Teymur Akhmedov

An Astana court sentences Mr. Akhmedov to five years’ imprisonment as Kazakhstan continues to repress peaceful religious activity.


Supreme Court Rules to Criminalize the Activity of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia

The Supreme Court upheld the claim to liquidate the Witnesses’ Administrative Center and the 395 Local Religious Organizations.